Dorchester Super Sleuth

Mission Theme : The Dorchester Magical History Tour

Competition goes live on Saturday 21st July

There are 120 businesses around town that each have a numbered A4 image card in their window. These are visual clues to the question. Supersleuth’ers pop into the business, collect a miniature sticker version of the image for their sticker album (as always these are available at the Tourist Information Centre within the library in Charles Street car park) and then, having downloaded the question sheet that links to the images, discover the date/s that relate to the image.

Bigger prizes!

We have upped the prizes in both age categories (10 & under, 11-16 years) they are now 1st £80 2nd £50 and 3rd £25 all vouchers to spend in Dorchester shops. All correct answer sheets will be put into a draw and winners selected. If nobody has 100% correct then the entries with the most correct answers will win.

Get The Question Sheet

Download the Questions Sheet here.

Get The Sticker Album

You can collect the sticker album from the Tourist Information Centre

Tourist Information Centre
Dorchester Library & Learning Centre
Charles Street

Submit Your Entry

Return your completed or part completed Sticker Album and Question Sheet to the Dorchester BID no later than 5pm Monday 10th September

2nd floor
49 High West Street
(above Temple Hill letting agents)

Make sure you write your name and address and all the other details on the form - otherwise you won't be able to let you know if you win!