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Dorset Knob Throwing Festival 2019

Sunday, April 28th, 2019 Dorset Knob Throwing Festival 2019

The world-famous Dorset Knob Throwing and Food Festival returns for 2019. Moores, creators of the famous Dorset Knob biscuit, are holding the Festival at Kingston Maurward College on Sunday 5th May between 10am – 4pm.

Weldmar Hospicecare is the official charity partner for the event with moneys raised going towards this worthy local cause.

The 2019 event will be based around Dorset Knob Games with ‘Dorset Knob Throwing’ the flagship event.  There will be over 100 stalls of food and crafts plus licensed bars and live entertainment.

A free shuttle bus service will be running from Dorchester South Station in Brewery Square in addition to the parking on site at Kingston Maurward.

The Dorset Knob Biscuit

The Dorset Knob is a hard biscuit which makes a fine missile for competitive hurling! Three knobs are thrown underarm per entry and the furthest is measured at its final resting place away from any windbreak netting. Unlimited entries are available per contestant and there are no age restrictions.

Rules for Knob Throwing

  1. 3 Dorset knobs per go, furthest knob thrown is measured
  2. Use only Dorset Knobs provided
  3. Standing throw from marked standing point
  4. Underarm throwing only
  5. One foot must remain on the ground during throwing
  6. Distance of the furthest knob only measured within the designated throwing zone, which is 5 metres wide x 32 metres long, marked in 2 metre zones, with use of measure in between marks to determine distance thrown
  7. Dorset Knob measured at final resting place
  8. If Dorset Knob breaks upon landing it will be the umpire’s decision of final resting place. The competition is open to the public and entry is on a turn up and participate basis.

Current Knob Champions

Dorset Knob Throwing Champions 2017

  • Male… Pete Asher 22.70m
  • Female… Catrin Vaughan 18.65
  • Under 12… Samuel Chinchen. 16.40m
  • Knob Eating Challenge Andy Unwin retains his trophy with 9 knobs
  • Knob Darts Won this year by an under 16 year old, Brooke Mescus with a score of 119!

Record Holders Knob Throwing 

  • Gent Dave Phillips 29.4 (R) 2012
  • Knob Throwing – Lady Kelda McNeill 26.45 (R) 2012
  • Knob Throwing – under 12 Max Nuttall 22.55 (R) 2012
  • Knob Eating – Stuart Lambert 14 (R)

Fun Knob Activities

Beside Knob Throwing there will be additional fun knob attractions including Knob Eating, Knob Painting, a Knob & Spoon Race, Guess the weight of the Big Knob, Knob Darts and a Knob Pyramid. Other more traditional entertainment will be laid on in the tents and sheds to make this a really enjoyable day out with a difference.

Frome Valley Food Festival

The Frome Valley Food Fest will run along side the Knob Throwing. There will be a the opportunity to sample, taste and purchase a fine range of foods including breads, cheeses, ciders, meats game & poultry, pies, preserves, and puddings in addition to chocolate, coffee and wine supplied by well respected local businesses. 

Travelling to the Knob Festival

There will be a free shuttle bus from Dorchester South Station to Kingston Maurward throughout the day

Kingston Maurward DT2 8PY
Signposted just off the A35, three miles east of Dorchester in central Dorset. Getting here is easy and we have plenty of free on−site parking.

By Road
Easily accessible from throughout Dorset, we provide plenty of parking places – follow the signs for ‘Visitor Parking’.

More information on the Dorset Knob Throwing Festival website

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