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Free Things To Do in Dorchester With The Kids

Friday, August 3rd, 2018

When it comes to free things to do in Dorchester that you and the kids can get involved in, there’s plenty out there! From the vast amount of landmarks, historic locations, events and other attractions, you’re bound to find something that tickles the families fancy this summer!

These attractions range from historic Roman structures such as the Roman Town House to the new (relatively speaking) Brewery Square. Not to forget the many walking hotspots such as the footpaths along the River Frome, and action packed events that frequently take place in the beautiful Borough Gardens and Maumbury Rings.

The Hidden Historic Gems of Dorchester

Dorchester is rich in history with its many hidden historic gems that some of the town’s residents aren’t even aware of!

These include the Roman Town House, Maumbury Rings and additionally Maiden Castle that offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

These landmarks go all the way back as far as the early 400’s (especially the Roman Town House) and take you on an immersive experience. These places are great for perspective into what life was like back then, and often send kid’s imaginations wild!

Roman Town House in Dorchester
The Roman Town House


Maumbury Rings Dorchester
The Maumbury Rings amphitheatre.


Maiden Castle in Dorchester
Picturesque Maiden Castle.

There’s more than enough to explore in these main historic landmarks alone for a fun, fascinating and educational family day out (especially with the info boards to better paint the picture) when done in a single day. We recommend you take a pack lunch for a picnic, as the locations feature plenty of spots where you can sit down, relax and refuel.

Walking Wonders

Get the heart rate up and the endorphins flowing with Dorchester’s many different walking excursions.

River Frome

With it’s plentiful wildlife including ducks (instead of bread, it’s not good for them, bring some seeds!), birds, insects and the connected Riverside Reserve, it makes for a great activity for a relaxing walk and light exercise.


River Frome in Dorchester

Being right on the doorstep of Hangman’s Cottage, the River Frome is easily located just a short 5 minute walk from Lloyds Bank on High West St.

Riverside Reserve

As mentioned above, the Riverside Reserve is connected to the River Frome, and is absolutely something you should check out when in the area.

The reserve features a secluded woodland walk and picnic table where you can sit down and relax whilst taking in the busy nature surrounding.

Dorchester's Riverside Reserve

 Thomas Hardy’s Cottage/Puddletown Forest

When it comes to perfect picnic spots and long woodland walks, the surrounding area of Hardy’s Cottage is hard to beat.

Nested right in the heart of the serene Higher Blockhampton, the area features endless amounts of walking trails that interconnect. The area is rich in wildlife, never ending woods, ponds and is perfect for a good hike and even a bike ride.

Thomas Hardys Cottage

Please note:  Entry of the cottage itself ranges from £3.50 for children to £7 for adults.

Exciting Events

Dorchester features many interesting and action packed events throughout the whole year, especially during summer. From food festivals to open-air cinemas, there’s plenty on offer to peak your interest and get involved in.

One World Festival

The One World Festival brings cultural diversity in Dorchester together and celebrates it in the format of food, music and performances! A must attend event when it comes to trying out many different types of cultural specialities. This year’s festival takes place on the 11th August so head on down!

Bank Holiday Music

Hosted at the grand Maumbury Rings on the September 27th bank holiday this year is all day music. Perfect for an enjoyable day out for the whole family. Head on down and get your groove on!

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Anonymous Festival 2018

At Maumbury Rings on the 25th August this year is the ever so popular Anonymous festival! Food, music and tons of fun activities are on offer and is a favourite amongst kids all across Dorset. A must attend event you should partake in this summer!

Anonymous Festival at Maumbury Rings

Find out more about upcoming events here: Dorchester Events in 2018 Borough Gardens and Maumbury Rings

Brewery Square

Since the fountain’s opening in April of 2013, the square’s been a hotspot for anyone living in or visiting the area. With it’s modern architecture, plentiful shops, restaurants, cafes, dray horse statue and fountain area, there’s lots to see and do.

Brewery Square fountains

You can usually find kids down at the Brewery Square fountains enjoying water-fountain fun! Head on down to relax and cool off, just remember to pack some much needed swimwear.

We hope you agree that there’s lots happening in and around Dorchester to get stuck into during the summer season. Don’t forget to snap some pics and tag our Instagram page and use #DiscoverDorchester for a chance to get featured. We’re always intrigued to see what people are up to!

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