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Friday, September 13th, 2019

Wioletta Zychowicz is the owner of Hot & Sweet coffee shop in Dorchester’s High West Street. She has been serving coffee, breakfasts and lunches to a loyal set of customers for the last two years. Items on the Hot & Sweet menu range from paninis and jacket potatoes to smoothies and milkshakes. All tastes are catered for, including meat, vegetarian and vegan options. We caught up with Wioletta after a busy lunchtime for a few questions about the business…

wioletta zychowicz owner of hot & sweet coffee shop in dorchester

What is the history behind your business, and what made you want to open up here in Dorchester?

I’m originally from Poland, and have been in the catering industry for the last 16 years – It’s what I love doing. I like being around people and Dorchester is a wonderful place, full of great people. Despite being in my current location in High West Street for the last two years, it’s a little bit out of the town centre so not everyone knows I’m here yet. Come along and see for yourself if you would like to try out something a bit different!

What can people expect from Hot & Sweet?

Everything I make, I make with love – so you can expect something very unique and special. The cakes I bake you won’t find anywhere else, as are the polish dumplings. There is always something on offer to make me stand out from the crowd.

cakes at hot and sweet dorchester

Can you describe your business in three words?

Hot, and, sweet!

What are the most popular items on your menu?

I would say the best sellers are the breakfasts and coffees most of the day. All of them are made from scratch, all are made to order for customers from good quality local produce. My bacon in particular is nicely done with herbs. Polish dumplings are also a popular choice from the menu.

Do you have a loyal customer base at Hot & Sweet?

Yes, my business is based mainly on regular local customers. There are some holiday makers for a six week period, but the majority are familiar faces from Dorchester.

polish food at hot and sweet dorchester

Whats makes you different to other coffee shops in town?

The way I do things here is different to everywhere else. I’ve focussed on healthy salads with special offers, which have proved very popular. As have my polish-themed food evenings. I make small touches that make it unique.

Have you got anything exciting planned for the future?

I’m currently working on a Christmas menu. Last year I served 60 heads, I’m planning to promote and reach out to a larger audience and double that figure. After Christmas I’ll be looking to make new additions to the menu.

welcome to hot and sweet dorchester

Have you got any advice for anyone setting up a business in Dorchester?

Make a plan, work hard at it and just see what happens. I see businesses who see something is not working and after a couple of months start making changes. It doesn’t work like that, you have to be true to your original plan. Stick to it!

You can follow Hot & Sweet on Facebook to find out more.

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