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Introducing the New Restaurants at Brewery Square

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Dorchester’s newest restaurants have been open now for several weeks, and many of you will already have been out to try them. Pizza Express, Zizzi and Wagamama are the latest additions to open their doors at the fast growing Brewery Square project. So what do these shiny new restaurants have to offer? Let’s take a look…

Pizza Express

The popular pizza chain Pizza Express signed up early to be a part of the Brewery Square project, and the interior of the restaurant has been heavily inspired by the local area, particularly the Jurassic Coast. Diners are immersed in the history and unique geography of Dorset as they tuck into a wide range of gourmet pizza and pasta dishes on the extensive menu.

There’s a good review of Pizza Express here on the Dorset Echo website, which ends by saying that the restaurant’s offerings are different enough that they will hopefully complement – rather than compete against – the established Italian restaurants already based here in Dorchester.


Wagamama has a prime location right in the centre of Brewery Square, facing out onto the new fountain. It has a variety of Japanese inspired dishes on offer, all manner of noodle and rice dishes with your choice of chicken, seafood, beef, pork or vegetarian options.

Chopsticks come as standard for their noodle dishes, but if you’re not too handy with them you can always ask for regular cutlery! Like Pizza Express, Wagamama has a good amount of outdoor seating, meaning that on a summer’s day you can sit outside and enjoy your meal while watching the fountain and the big screen in the Square.


Zizzi is another fantastic addition to Dorchester’s burgeoning list of top quality restaurants. The restaurant design makes the most of the old brewery architecture, with plenty of exposed brickwork and big factory windows keeping the character of the old place alive. The open-plan kitchen is right in the centre, meaning every table gets to view the chefs working away cooking great Italian food.

Zizzi’s menu really covers a huge swathe of Italian cooking, offering everything from pasta, pizzas, calzones, risottos, as well as mouth-watering desserts like tiramisu, pannacotta, and authentic Italian style ice cream.

Of course, these are just a few of the many great eateries in the town, old and new. Click the link to see a full list of restaurants in Dorchester.

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