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Top Things to Do in Summer in Dorchester

Friday, July 19th, 2013

1. Watch a live music performance in the Borough Gardens

Dorchester’s main public gardens are just a few minutes’ walk from the town centre, a colourful showcase of beautiful flowerbeds, park benches, and manicured lawns – perfect for picnics, leisurely walks or peaceful afternoons sat in the sun with a book.

But in summer, Dorchester Borough Gardens also offer something else – a variety of live music performances, ranging from big band shows by Durnovaria Silver Band to rock and blues from the likes of The Andy Grant Trio and The Cosmic Chipmunks.

These performances are completely free, and are a great family-friendly way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Music, sunshine and gorgeous surroundings – what more could you want?

2. Run through the fountains in Brewery Square

This time last year this part of Dorchester looked very different indeed. This is the first summer in which you can enjoy Brewery Square in all its glory (well, most of it – there’s still a lot more building to be done before the project is complete).

As well as the fantastic selection of restaurants and bars (and very soon, shops as well), one of the highlights of the development is the water fountains in the main square. They’ve become a big hit with locals, as kids and big kids alike take the opportunity to get wet and cool down on a sunny day!

3. Walk along the River

The River Frome is a lovely location for a relaxing stroll. It’s incredible that just minutes away from a busy town centre, you can be in a completely tranquil, rural countryside setting, where you can see all kinds of birds and wildlife making their home in and around the river.

The current warm evenings we’re having are a superb opportunity to explore the river a little bit, and escape from the clamour and hubbub of Dorchester.

4. Stop for an ice cream or iced tea in a Dorchester cafe

There’s nothing like a bit of refreshment on a scorchingly hot day. In Dorchester you’re spoiled for choice for places to go and cold treats to try during summer, whether it’s an ice-cold drink from Taste*, a tub of Purbeck ice cream from Simon’s Deli or a cocktail on the terrace of Dorchester’s newest bar, Vivo Lounge in Brewery Square.

If you’re visiting Dorchester and are not sure where to go, check out the cafe, shop and restaurant listings on the Dorchester BID website to to see a rundown of our best places to stop for refreshment in and around the town centre. If you have any recommendations of your own, we’d love to hear them. Let us know in the comments section below, or by tweeting @DorchesterBID

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