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New Bike Racks

Friday, August 19th, 2011

We all know we ought to be doing more in the way of exercise and keeping fit, and should be trying to avoid using our cars when we have the option to walk or cycle. We’ve now helped to make that a bit easier in Dorchester with the shiny new bike racks in South Street.dorchester bike racks

If you have been down to South Street in the last week you will have noticed the penny farthing flagpoles at either end of the road. They denote the brand new bike rack areas, funded by the Dorchester BID, the West Dorset Partnership, Dorset Primary Care Trust and Dorset County Council. The racks were made by local company Bridmet, and the penny farthing was designed by our own Phil Gordon, director of the BID.

Promoting Healthy Living

The idea is that by encouraging cycling in Dorchester we can promote healthy lifestyles, and in our own small way battle climate change by lowering carbon emissions in the town. West Dorset Partnership felt this was a great project to support, since it fitted perfectly with their Community Plan and Climate Change strategy.

Finding parking places for bikes has long been a problem for cyclists visiting Dorchester, and we were worried that this was potentially putting people off using their bikes. Cycle parking areas have now been doubled in the town centre, and the Council have said they are keen for more spaces to be created in the near future.

It’s fantastic to see the bike racks have already begun to be used this week, including by the mayor herself, Tess James! If you have any ideas for future projects you’d like the Dorchester BID to assist with, why not drop us a line? You can leave a comment below this blog post, or contact Phil Gordon directly via

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