Aquae Sulis Chiropractic Centre

Aquae Sulis Chiropractic Centre


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Aquae Sulis Chiropractic Centre

5 Damers Road
01305 263542
Weekday opening 8.30 - 18.30
Saturday opening 9.00 - 12.30
Closed on Thursday
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At Aquae Sulis Chiropractic we offer quality, tailor made, management for a whole range of conditions.

Accepted research shows that conditions such as short medium and long term low back and neck pain; cervicogenic headaches; migraine; extremity joint conditions respond well to Chiropractic intervention.

As part of your care we will examine your lifestyle and give you advice on how to not only help the body to heal, but to prevent the problem recurring in the future.

In your examination we use computer based posture screening and spinal analaysis, X-rays (where necassary), a full neurological and orthopaedic examination and a series of Chiropractic tests to accurately diagnose your condition. We also carry out regular reviews to ensure that you are progressing well with care.

Our aim is to try to ensure that you are the best that you can be by providing an holistic view of your health. Our youngest patients have been minutes old and our eldest in their 90's. There are techniques suitable for all. If you wander whether Chiropractic is for you, why not call and ask to speak to our Chiropractor?

If you mention that you have found our web site through the BID site then you will be entitled to the new patient appointment for £25. This will include your examination, report of findings and first adjustment.

Please let Aquae Sulis Chiropractic Centre know that you found them via the dorchesterdorset website when you visit or call. Giving this feedback will be very helpful to our future development.

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