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Dorset dialect poet

We zot bezide the leafy wall,

Upon the bench at evenfall,

While aunt led off our minds wrom ceare

Wi' veairy teales, I can't tell where,

An' vound us woone among her stock

O' feables, o' the gert Year-clock.

His feace wer blue's the zummer skies,

An' wide's the zight o'looken eyes,

For hands, a zun wi' glowen feace,

An' pealer moon wi' swifter peace,

Did wheel by stars o' twinklen light,

By bright-wall'd day, an' dark-treed night;

An' down upon the high-sky'd land,

A'reachen wide, on either hand,

Wer hill an' dell, wi' win'-sway'd trees,

An' lights a'zweepen over seas,

An' gleamen cliffs, an' bright-wall'd tow'rs,

Wi' sheades a-marken on the hours;

An' as the feace, a-rollen round,

Brought comely sheapes along the ground,

The Spring did come in winsome steate

Below a glowen rainbow geate;

An' fan wi' air a-blowen weak,

Her glossy heair, an' rwosy cheak,

As she did shed vrom open hand,

The leapen zeed on vurrow'd land;

The while the rook, wi' heasty flight,

A-floaten in the glowen light,

Did bear avore her glossy breast

A stick to build her lofty nest,

An' strong-limbed Tweil, wi' steady hands,

Did guide along the vallow lands

The heavy zull, wi' bright-shear'd beam,

Avore the weary oxen-team.

Wi' Spring a-gone there come behind

Sweet Zummer, jay on ev'ry mind,

Wi' feace a-beamen to beguile

Our weary souls ov ev'ry tweil,

While birds did warble in the dell,

In softest air o' sweetest smell;

An' she, so winsome-feair did vwold

Her comely limbs in green an' goold,

An' wear a rwosy wreath, wi' studs

O' berries green, an' new-born buds,

A-fring'd in colours vier-bright,

Wi' sheapes o'buttervlies in flight.

When Summer went, the next ov all

Did come the sheape o' brown-feac'd Fall,

A-smile in a comely gown

O'green, a-shot wi' yollow-brown,

A-border'd wi' a goolden stripe

O'fringe, a-meade o' corn-ears ripe,

An' up agean her comely zide,

Upon her rounded earm, did ride

A pretty basket, all a-twin'd

O' slender stems wi' leaves an' rind,

A-vill'd wi' fruit the trees did shed,

All ripe, in purple, goold an' red;

An' busy Leabor there did come

A-zingen zongs ov harvest hwome,

An' red-ear'd dogs did briskly run

Roun' cheervul Leisure, wi' his gun,

Or stan' an' mark, wi' stedvast zight,

The speckled pa'tridge rise in flight.

An' next agean to mild-feac'd Fall

Did come peale Winter, last ov all,

A-benden down, in thoughtvul mood,

Her head 'ithin a snow-white hood,

A-deck'd wi' icy-jewels bright,

An' cwold as twinklen stars o' night;

An' there were weary Leabor, slack

O' veet to keep her vrozen track,

A-looken off, wi' wistful eyes,

To reefs o'smoke, that there did rise

A-melten to the peale-feac'd zun,

Above the houses' lofty tun.

An' there the gert Year-clock did goo

By day an' night, vor ever true,

Wi' mighty wheels a-rollen round

'Ithout a beat, 'ithout a sound.