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Museums in and around Dorchester

Explore the unique and wonderful collection of museums in Dorchester, all situated in the town centre or within easy reach.

The Dinosaur Museum

Dinosaur Museum

The only museum on mainland Britain dedicated to dinosaurs, the award-winning Dinosaur Museum is a treat, especially for children. The museum combines life-sized reconstructions of dinosaurs with fossils and skeletons to create an exciting hands-on experience.
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Dorset Museum

Dorset Museum Dinosaur

Come and explore 250 million years of history at the Dorset Museum!. Located in the centre of Dorchester this award-winning Museum is one of the cultural centres of Dorset with four themed galleries, special exhibitions area, library and café.
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The Keep Military Museum

Keep Military Museum in Dorchester, Dorset

The most spectacular military museum in the South literally cannot be missed as you come up High West Street, Dorchester. What makes this museum so special is that until 1958 the Dorset Regiment’s Depot and Barracks were in active use so the building itself is living history.
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Max Gate – Hardy’s House

In 1885, Thomas Hardy and his wife Emma moved into Max Gate, the Victorian home which he designed and his brother built. Max Gate was Hardy’s home for forty years, until he died in 1928 but whilst there he wrote some of his most famous works.

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The Mummies Exhibition

Mummies Exhibition

This unique exhibition reveals 3000 years of Ancient Egyptian embalming from early reed burials and sand burials such as ‘Ginger’ to royal mummies. See a superb collection of unwrapped mummies.
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The Teddy Bear Museum

The Teddy Bear Museum in Dorchester, Dorset

A unique family museum with its evocative and enchanting displays of teddy bears from throughout the last century. The earliest teddy bears right up to today’s TV favourites, including Rupert Bear, Winnie the Pooh and Paddington, are all there to be seen and enjoyed.
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The Terracotta Warriors Museum

The Terracotta Warriors Museum in Dorchester

Over 8000 life-size clay warriors protected the First Emperor of China’s tomb. The Famous Terracotta Army – is now referred to as the eighth wonder of the ancient world. The exhibition at the Terracotta Warriors Museum features a small but spectacular replicated group of these warriors.
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Thomas Hardy’s Cottage

Thomas Hardy's Cottage

Hardy’s Cottage is a beautiful secluded place to visit if you are following the Thomas Hardy Trail through Dorset.The cottage, just outside Higher Bockhapmton, was built by Hardy’s great-grandfather in 1800 and little has been altered externally since then.

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The Tutankhamun Exhibition

Tutankhamun Exhibition

Experience the magnificence and wonder of the world’s greatest discovery of ancient treasure superbly recreated. Be there at the discovery, explore the ante-chamber filled with its treasures, and witness Howard Carter raising the golden coffins in the burial chamber.

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