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Neil Strudwick (chairman)

Goldcrest Jewellers

Neil Strudwick - Dorchester BIDI would like to introduce myself as your new BID chairman Mr Neil Strudwick

My wife and I run our own business at Goldcrest Jewellers in Hardye Arcade, and have been established since 2010, I have been in the Jewellery trade for nearly 30 years and a Goldsmith for 28 years carrying out repairs through to commissions . When my wife and I first discussed the planning of our business, we were looking for a location that could support our hopes and dreams, and thought Dorchester had suited us well being a individual, vibrant and happening location.

Over eight years our business has grown and won awards with the support of our local people I am passionate about this town with its untapped potential, with its major chain stores standing side by side with medium to small business.

It is well known that high street retail is taking a bashing from all sides with town centres up and down the country becoming no go areas and ghost towns, and it would break my heart to see this beautiful town go this way working with you as your BID chairman, together we can keep this vibe in this town and each business can play a part in this. As BID chairman, together with my fellow volunteer board members we are all here to support you and your business.

Any questions, ideas or you if just want to have a chat for any reason don’t hesitate to get in contact with me or any other BID board members.

Contact Neil – t: 01305 269550

Nick Rawlings (deputy)

Nick Rawlings - Dorchester BID


I am married with 3 grown up children and I have lived in Dorchester all of my life. For the past 28 years I have worked for Goulds. I am also the Chair of the Dorchester Shopwatch Radio link and in my spare time I am a Special Constable stationed at Dorchester.

I am very passionate about Dorchester and believe that the Dorchester BID has done an excellent job over the past 5 years.

Contact Nick – t: 01305 217800


John Fiori

Horse with the Red Umbrella

John Fiori - Dorchester BID

My name is John Fiori married to Franca for 35 years aged 55. I am the owner of The Horse With The Red Umbrella Tea Rooms, open since 2004. I was born in London from Italian parents and have worked in the catering industry since leaving school.

I worked at the Savoy Hotel and Claridges for 7 years and then my own cafe for 20 years. Having good friends in Dorset we decided to open up shop and move to near Dorchester, where I bought The Horse With The Red Umbrella.

I joined the BID Board to try to help not only my business but others in Dorchester and to try to make Dorchester the best town in Dorset. Having a BID in Dorchester has to be a must because it not only highlights the town but all the retailers hopefully can use the BID to their full advantage.

Contact John – t: 01305 262019

Tim Batty

World Heritage

Tim Batty - Dorchester BIDI am the General Manager of World Heritage responsible for four of Dorchester’s museums. They are the Dinosaur Museum, the Tutankhamun Exhibition, the Teddy Bear Museum, and the Terracotta Warriors Museum and between them they have brought many millions of visitors to the county town over the years. I have lived and worked in Dorchester and its environs for much of my life.

I have been involved with the BID since its inception. I believe the BID has raised Dorchester’s profile acting as a focus for businesses in the town. The BID has helped Dorchester and consequently its businesses to remain vital, competitive and thriving in what have been some very challenging years.

Contact John: t: 01305 269741

Glenn House

Dodgson’s of Dorchester Ltd

Glenn House Dorchester BIDHi, my name is Glenn House. I have been married since 1989. I have two wonderful daughters, and a rescue dog called Ronnie.

I am a local man, as I was born in Weymouth, and I have lived in and around Dorchester all of my life.

I am the owner of Dodgson’s of Dorchester Ltd, your local DIY shop in South Street.

I was delighted when Phil approached me to join the BID, as I feel I can offer my experience in retail, and also it will be good to be involved in all the great things that the BID already supports, and the projects that will be introduced in the future, whatever they may be. Watch this space…………..

Contact Glenn: t: 01305 262918

Michael Delage-Pandeli

The Mews Jewellers

Contact Michael: t: 01305 262810

Sam Zambelli

Vision Express

Sam Zambelli - Dorchester BIDHi, my name is Sam Zambelli. I’ve been married to my wonderful husband for almost 4 years, & we met in Weymouth 18 years ago working together! We both live & work locally now & love our historic town of Dorchester!

I grew up in Berkshire & have moved around many times in my life for different reasons. I’m so thankful now to be settled back in Dorset for good.

I am the manager of Vision Express in Dorchester & have an amazing team by my side here. We are remaining open as an essential service throughout the lockdowns to ease pressure on the hospital too.

My great passion is drawing & I draw cartoons & caricatures in my spare time. I’ve raised a lot of money for charities selling my art even from a young age, & received an award from John Major in 1998 for raising 35k for 60 different children’s charities.

I was thrilled to be asked to join the BID board by Phil in 2018. I’m an active member of the community in every aspect & only want our amazing market town to thrive. So if I can be a part of helping to make important decisions, & raise awareness of all the great things the BID support, then I’m happy to give all I can.

Charlotte Spracklen

Centre Manager at Brewery Square

Hi, my name is Charlotte Spracklen and I am the Centre Manager at Brewery Square in Dorchester. I have a four year old daughter, and have lived in Dorchester all my life. I have a passion for Dorchester, tourism, the local community and local businesses and I’m so pleased to be a part of the outstanding BID which we have here in Dorchester.

Steve Farnham

Porter Dodson

Observers / Advisers

Jon Bird

Dorset Council Officer

Cllr Molly Rennie

Dorset Councillor

Cllr Robin Potter

Dorchester Town Councillor

Project Director & Finance Director

Phil Gordon

Project Director

Phil Gordon - Dorchester BIDPhil was appointed Project Manager for Dorchester BID in January 2007 and Project Director in March 2008 following the successful ballot.

Phil is a local businessman with over 25 years experience in marketing, sales, product development and distribution helping small businesses grow into larger ones with a broad mix of technical and commercial skills.

Phil says,”I am proud to be 10th generation Dorset and can trace my family back to Marsden Magna where in 1605 my ancestor William Fooks was a Yeoman Farmer. In more recent times my great, great, great grandfather, Thomas Fooks (1775-1845) became Clerk of the Peace for Dorset. I guess I have a lot to live up to, but it seems somehow quite poignant to be involved in a project to help the town in which my ancestors once trod!”

“I was delighted to be given the opportunity to help with the ‘Business Improvement District’ (or BID) initiative as I believe that, as the county town, Dorchester has a lot to offer but needs this kind of project to act as a catalyst for change and improvement. We have a talented and dedicated team of people (drawn from local businesses and the community) who are all firmly behind the project and we’re all determined to make the BID a success. In doing so, we hope to help make Dorchester a more vibrant place to work in, live in or just visit whilst on holiday.”

Contact Phil: t: 07799 494886

Lisa Cartwright

Finance Director


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