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Dorchester Tank Event

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Wow, what a weekend! It was great to see so many people turn out in Dorchester to watch the parade of WWII vehicles through the town for the Armour and Embarkation re-enactment 2012 event. Seeing all the old tanks, trucks, jeeps and motorbikes in one place really was quite a sight!

If you missed it, check out the video we took (below) to get a sense of the scale of the parade – the vehicles just keep on coming!

Dorchester Tank Parade Video

Tanks and Vehicles Gallery

Below are some of our favourite pictures from the event. With participants from as far afield as Germany, Holland and the United States, it really was a unique gathering, and we were pleased to offer the sponsorship of the BID to help make it happen.

What were your favourite bits of the event? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so drop us an email or let us know via our Twitter (@dorchesterbid).

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