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Dorchester Quiz – How well do you know Dorset’s County Town?

Wednesday, April 15th, 2020

Put your knowledge to the test with this Dorchester Quiz! With a total of 100 questions covering the past and present, here’s a fun way to explore Dorchester’s history. How well do you know Dorset’s County Town?

dorchester quiz

Dorchester Facts

How good is your knowledge of Dorchester’s rich heritage? Answer 10 questions based on facts about Dorchester to find out much you know. To make life a little easier, the answers are multiple choice!

1: What year was Dorchester named the county town of Dorset?

A: 1255 / B: 1305 / C: 1315

2: When was Maiden Castle constructed?

A: 600BC / B: 700BC / C: 800BC

3: How many years ago was Maumbury Rings constructed?

A: 4000 / B: 4500 / C: 5500

4: When was Dorchester founded by the Romans?

A: 50D / B: 60D / C: 70D

5: What was Dorchester named by the Romans?

A: Casterbridge / B: Durngate / C: Durnovaria

6: What year did Judge Jeffrey’s ‘Bloody Assizes’ take place?

A: 1685 / B: 1670 / C: 1675

7: When was Thomas Hardy born?

A: 1740 / B: 1840 / C: 1845

8: What year did the Tolpuddle Martyrs trial place at The Crown Court?

A: 1830 / B: 1832 / C: 1834

9: When was Dorset County Museum first established?

A: 1815 / B: 1845 / C: 1915

10: Where was Thomas Hardy born?

A: Higher Bockhampton / B: West Stafford / C: Lower Bockhampton

Dorchester Statues

Name the statues and sculptures dotted around Dorchester. There’s a point for the name of the statue and the location making a score out of 16 for this round.

dorchester statues

Dorchester Anagram Quiz

In this three part quiz, simply rearrange the letters of the anagrams to reveal 26 of Dorchester’s famous historical features, names, and places to eat. Think prominent literary figures, museums and green spaces. Good luck!

History of Dorchester

1: Asthma Hydro

2: Braced Tigers

3: Dad Trolley Trumps

4: The Reggae Then

5: Ballerina Swim

6: Pedigree Plod

Dorchester places & landmarks

1: A Debuted Summery

2: Recounted Mousy Must

3: Horsewoman Unto

4: A Bohemian Think Tux Unit

5: A Gatecrash Stood Myth

6: Escalate Mind

7: Baying Murmurs

8: Harboured Gongs

9: Mega Tax

10: Handymen Tumor

Dorchester Cafés and Restaurants

1: Asia Key Smirk

2: Nacho Fevered

3: A Tank Hiding

4: Dishrag Topper

5: A Clear Van

6: Airbase Streets

7: Papa Clowned

8: A Deb Therewith Hollers Rum

9: Twang Velour

10: Neared Leg

Dorchester Places Picture Quiz

Identify each of the 16 pictures to work out the location of these places in and around Dorchester.

dorchester picture quiz

Dorchester Pubs Emoji Quiz

Unscramble the emoji characters to spell out no fewer than 32 Dorchester pubs and nightclubs from the past and present. How many can you get?

dorchester emoji quiz

How many did you answer correctly? If you add up your points from each round you will have a total score out of 100.

We hope you have enjoyed this Dorchester Quiz, but if you got stumped by any of the questions, don’t worry the answers are below.


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