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Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Dorchester town centre businesses have taken to Twitter in quite a big way, and many enterprising business owners have eagerly jumped on it as a way to reach their customers instantly with news and special offers, and improve their all-round customer service.

Here are some of our favourite Dorch tweeters that we highly recommend you follow…

Taste Dorchester


Ross Cumber at Taste Dorchester and his counterpart at Taste Chesil (@tastechesil) are both very keen tweeters, seeing it’s potential as a marketing tool but approaching it with a light-hearted tone and plenty of humour.


Weldmar Hospice


weldmar have used Twitter for quite a few years now, seeing it as a key promotional tool to spread the word about their various events and fundraising activities.

Vivo Lounge


One of Dorchester’s hottest new venues, tweeting updates about their many events and interesting food and drink offerings.

Number 35


A regular tweeter, always happy to get into a conversation on their favourite subject – coffee.

Every Cloud


Very keen social media user, utilising not only Twitter but Facebook as well to show off their newest and most exciting products to customers.


Sienna Restaurant


Long-time tweeter Russell Brown has amassed a large following of over 5,000 people, thanks to a combination of tweets about the dishes at his restaurant and little snippets about his travels and daily life as a chef.

Dorchester Mini Centre


Always great to see people with a passion for their work, and that’s always evident in the guys at the Mini Centre when they tweet photos of the minis they’re lovingly restoring and repairing.


Article written by Phil Gordon – Dorchester Bid

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