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Dorchester Super Sleuth Competition for Kids

Monday, August 5th, 2013

Last summer the Dorchester BID (in association with the Chamber of Commerce and the Town Council) ran the highly successful ‘Flags of the World’ competition. The feedback from mums, dads, and grandparents and of course, the kids was so positive that we thought we should try something again this year, but with a twist!

This Year’s Competition – Are You a Super Sleuth?

We are looking to the children of Dorchester (and our visitors) to prove how good their detection and observance is when it comes to finding secret locations of shops and businesses around town that are joining in with the fun! There are two age groups this year – 10yrs and under, and 11yrs and over (max 16yrs). Both age groups will have first, second and third prizes of £70, £40 & £20 in the form of vouchers to spend, where possible in a shop in Dorchester of their choice (some shops last year added extra to the prize too!)

The children entering will be on a detective mission: All participating shops will have no visible clue from the outside that they are in the competition, but they will have a close up photograph taken of either an iconic part of their building or some other good visual clue as to where the photo was taken. Some shots might be close-up photography, others might be a clue by the kind of products sold. Some will be easy, some much harder, so it should test the detective in all those entering!!

Once a shop/business has been identified by the photo, the contestant needs to go into the business and (hopefully) polity ask for a sticker for their collection. If you are a parent please go in with them if you can. This sticker will be a miniature version of the photo to add to their collection. The winners in each age group will be drawn out of a hat but if no one has a full set then it will be the ones with the most correct answers.

Our spies are everywhere! Like last year the kids will be able to tweet/facebook their own clues to friends if they want or tweet @DorchesterBID or @Dorchdude to ask for cryptic clues to help find some of the harder ones. Please follow these twitter accounts asap to get the latest information, clues and other useful information. Like all good missions, you never know when you may get the call, but the competition will start very soon so, stay alert and monitor all channels for more info (twitter, Facebook page ‘Visit Dorchester’ and local media sources!

How to Enter:

It’s simple, just go to either the TIC (Tourist Information Centre) in Antelope walk or the Town Council office in North Square to get your Mission Report (available from Wed 7th August) and then you will be ready to start solving the photo clues and locations as soon as we start releasing the photos.

The full set of photo clues to be hunted down will be available as a download from our website ( as soon as the competition opens and for those with no computer access they will be available from the TIC and the Town Council office in North Square.

Project director Phil Gordon comments “This was huge fun last year and I cant wait to get started again, great fun on a rainy day when its sometimes hard to find things to do with the kids, but in the better weather too it should encourage more families to explore parts of the town that they are less familiar with and maybe discover one or two hidden gems of shops tucked away down side streets”. For more info call Phil Gordon on 07799 494886

** Download your Competition Photo Pack here **


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