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Dorchester Window Wanderland Creates A Magical Outdoor Gallery

Wednesday, February 24th, 2021

The Dorchester community got behind the Window Wanderland project with an incredible 192 households and businesses taking part. The colourful displays created an uplifting and magical outdoor gallery across Dorset’s county town from Friday 19th to Sunday 21st February.

Dorchester Window Wanderland

Families and friends in Dorchester decorated windows around a main theme of ‘A Brighter Future’ with each one showing great imagination. The community event is held at different times across the UK and the rest of the world.

What is Window Wanderland?

Window Wanderland is an award-winning, COVID-safe project, which provides resources for communities to set up their own magical, illuminated window displays.

Lucy Reeves Khan was inspired to start Window Wanderland in 2015 after experiencing years of isolation after chronic illnesses. The former set designer would take short nightly rehabilitation walks around her neighbourhood in Bristol.

Hundreds of Window Wanderlands have been organised by communities around the world. Each one spreads happiness by bringing people together, reducing isolation and inspiring creativity. What a fantastic idea!

Dorchester Window Wanderland

Dorchester Window Wanderland was organised by Kathy O’Borne and Charlotte Dingle, two local volunteers. 192 households took part in the event to create a magical outdoor gallery across the town. The festival of light took place from Friday, 19th to Sunday 21st February.

“We were completely overwhelmed by how many Dorchester residents got involved in Window Wanderland. The effort and creativity shown by everyone was truly inspiring! We have had lots of lovely comments from people to say how uplifting they found the project, especially in these difficult times.

We hope that Dorchester Window Wanderland will become a regular community event. Thank you everyone who took part, whether they made a window or went out and wandered around the trail. Special thanks to Nigel Hayes and Emma Scott of Dorchester Town Council, who supported the Window Wanderland, and to Crickmay Stark Architects, who helped to fund the project. Also thanks to Lucy Reeves-Khan who had the brilliant idea for Window Wanderland in the first place!”


Here are just of the impressive window displays in Dorchester. Well done to the organisers and everyone involved in the project.

Find out more about Window Wanderland:

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