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DBID Informal Open Workshop 25th January 5-7pm

Monday, January 23rd, 2012 Kings Arms Dorchester

Dear DBID’er,

We warmly invite you to attend this brief evening event at the Kings Arms Hotel. It is your first chance to help shape the future of the Dorchester BID should we be successful in continuing for the next 5 years after a re-ballot to be held in 2013.

We are hoping to start gathering ideas for projects that you feel would help your business to flourish and help Dorchester continue to shine as a destination for shoppers and tourists over the next few years.

It is your chance to help steer the DBID in the directions you see as important. Over the next 9 months we will be building a list of project ideas, placing them on the website and allowing BID levy payers to vote monthly to give priority to the suggested projects. The whole process will be explained on the 25th but if you have any opinions, ideas, questions about what DBID should be doing in the future, then you really need to come to this meeting.

If you can’t get there for 5.00pm sharp, don’t worry, the format of the evening will still allow you to express your thoughts and you can join in part way through.

Refreshment and nibbles will be supplied to sustain you so please make it if you can.

I very much look forward to seeing you there. The DBID is here to help your business, help tell us how we can do that better and we will build a better BID for the future.

Kind Regards,


PS Please let me know if you are intending to come so I can get an idea of numbers for catering.

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