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Tuesday, September 21st, 2010
Getting ready for the No Fit State Circus performance
Getting ready for the No Fit State Circus performance

The circus came to Dorchester last week and what a performance the NoFit State Circus guys put on last Sunday.

Having seen lots of locals getting involved – even school children took part in Circus activities – we were all waiting excitedly for the Sunday evening performance.

By 7.30pm the sun had just gone down and Maumbury rings was packed out! The great thing about this venue is that the circus took centre stage right in the middle of the ring – so the audience could look down on the amazing spectacle.

And what an amazing show! Everyone we spoke to throughly enjoyed themselves – and it is amazing that it was all put on for Free!

We captured a few sections of the 1.5 hour show on a small handheld video camera – so apoligies for the quality. But hopefully you get an idea of the atmosphere and audience participation.

Congratulations must go to the organisers, the No Fit State Circus and all the locals that took part in the show.

If you were at the show let us know your comments.

No Fit State Circus Video Clips at Dorchester 2010

No Fit State Opening Scene

Air Ball – NoFit State Circus at Maumbury Rings, Dorchester 2010

Finale of the NoFit State Circus, Dorchester 2010

Closing Ceremony at The NoFit State Circus in Dorchester 2010

It has been a great Summer for outdoor events (I can only think of a couple that suffered from the rain). So if you want to see even more next year let us now

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