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Dorchester Social Media Workshop Level Two

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011
Social Media Workshop
Tuesday’s social media workshop

We had another great social media workshop this week at the Wessex Hotel. It was brilliant to see such a good turnout for our second level two session, and I think everyone took a lot from it, and left with plenty to think about regarding Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more.

Thanks to all who came, and also to Key Multimedia for providing the session.

We’re now starting to see a real community of tweeters emerging, as lots of our local businesses have taken to it really well. It’s a fabulous opportunity to help each other out and promote each other- if you see a tweet your followers might be interested in, retweet it and help spread the word!

The list of attendees (and twitter names) of this week’s participants are below, and we’ve also put together an @DorchesterBID Twitter list of local business users:!/DorchesterBID/dorchester-businesses.

Feel free to follow the list above and use it to build up your own contacts. It’ll be a growing list, and we’ll be adding new Dorchester tweeters when we come across them. If there’s anybody we have left out so far, just tweet us and we’ll add you to the list!

Tuesday’s Workshop Participants

@Artsreach (Delphine)
@Ann_snowden (Ann)
@SwallowsrestBB (Jane)
@Nbonypart (Richard)
@Dorchdude (Phil)
@greenequeen (Caroline)
@sgmhair (Stuart)
@DorchesterArts (Julie)
@DavidLakins (David)
@GregCameronDay (Greg)
@LanehouseGroup (Mike)
@Squire_tech (Mike)

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