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South Street Benches Get a Spruce-Up Thanks to Dorchester BID

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Recently, the Dorchester Town Council contacted DBID to see if we could help in a project to replace or refurbish the public seats in South Street, as they had the man power to do the work but had no budget for materials. DBID were delighted to partner the Town Council in this project which neatly fits under our ‘Safe, Secure and Enhance’ mission area. What do you think of the results?

Phil Gordon project Director commented “You can see by these before and after photos that the Town Council’s team have done a fabulous job of restoring these lovely old benches back to their former glory – if not even better! They should now last for another 20 years we hope!”

Projects like these need to continue!

The Dorchester BID has now come to the end of its first 5 years and will now go to ballot in June this year. All of the BID area businesses contribute money (via a 1% levy on the rateable value of their business) to fund DBID projects.

This May they will be sent a new business plan proposal for the next 5 years and a ballot paper will be sent in June. The ballot must deliver a 50% or more ‘YES’ vote or Dorchester to continue to have a BID delivering projects and initiatives into the future. The majority of projects are geared directly or indirectly to support businesses in town and help to make Dorchester a more attractive and vibrant place to visit, work or live.

Ideas for the next 5 years include FREE WI-FI points around the town and encouraging the early adoption of ‘Pay on Exit’ parking, in addition to continuing the already successful schemes like the parking voucher refunds and town ambassadors.

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