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Super Sleuth Competition 2016 – Winners and Answers

Friday, October 14th, 2016
Dorchester Super Sleuth Winners 2016
Dorchester Super Sleuth Winners of 2016 pose for the camera with the BID’s John Fiori, Dorchester mayor Peter Mann and local artist Peter Montgomery

The 2016 Super Sleuth competition is officially closed and we have been absolutely delighted with the number of entries in to this year’s competition. We hope everyone who took part enjoyed it as much as we did putting together the competition and clues.

This year saw a growing number of youngsters sleuthing around Dorchester looking for the fabulous imagery of plants, animals and landmarks from around the Jurassic area and collecting stickers for their album. The feedback from parents, grandparents and the kids themselves has been wonderful! The participating shops have again found several new faces who now know they exist in town and what they have on offer too.

It seems we now have a whole new generation that knows their Dorset butterflies, plants and even a few more names of dinosaurs! We were delighted to work in partnership this year with the County Museum, Dorset Wildlife Trust, Malcolm Balmer, Jurassic Coast Trust, Butterfly conservation (Dorset) and the Town Council.

Local artist Peter Montgomery, who penned all the dinosaur images was also on hand to present each of the Super Sleuth winners with their own signed dinosaur print.

A massive congratulations to everyone who took part – with 120 clues to find this year’s competition was no mean feat.

Here are the lucky winners:

Supersleuth winners 11 years and over

1st Charlotte Cannon

2nd Alexandra Cartwright

3rd  Imogen Brown


Supersleuth winners 10 years and under

1st Eliza Stephens

2nd Harry & Monty Bratcher-Howard

3rd  Lucy Hulland

Thank you to everyone else who took part in the competition over the last few weeks, including adults, kids and Dorchester’s wonderful businesses for making it such a success.

See you again next year!

 Answers to 2016 Super Sleuth Competition

Business Description
1 Glen Dodgsons Pliosaur Skull
2 Gentz Dinosaur Footprint
3 Old Boy Antiques Megalosaurus Jaw
4 Kitchen Style Photo Fossil Fish
5 Paninis – photo of curved roof Great Bustard
6 Wise owl Toys Sea Eagle
7 Munchkins Acorn
8 County Museum Adonis Blue Butterfly
9 Taste Ant
10 Greg Cameron Day Baryonyx Quills
11 Every Cloud Bear Breeches
12 Sprint Mining Bee
13 Insight Flower Beetle
14 Nicol World Travel Lapwing
15 Napper’s Mite Wheatear
16 Goulds(2) Fulica Atra Coot
17 Dorch Chiro Jos – Dunlin
18 Dorch Travel Little Egret
19 Loose Moose Moorhen
20 Box of Porc Robin
21 Goldcrest Song Thrush
22 Elephant Road Stonechat
23 The Oak Rooms – Brown Hare
24 Shake n Bake Bumble Bee
25 IJ Brown – Painted Lady
26 Post Office Peacock (Female)
27 Frank Herring Carline Thistle
28 No.35 Chalkhill Blue
29 Prezzo Clouded Yellow
30 HWTRU Clustered Bellflower
31 3 Legged Llama Common Blue
32 Trinity stores Common Buzzard
33 Down To Earth Common Fleabane
34 Potting Shed Common Frog
35 iBuy & sell Common Lizard
36 Clockhouse Jewellers Cowslip
37 Pinnow Music Dark Bush Cricket
38 Cook Dark Green Fritillary
39 Neals Yard Sika Deer Stag
40 Sproston & Bowden Dimorphodon
41 Alum and Sidaway Dingy Skipper
42 Dickinson & Bowden Emporor Male Dragon Fly
43 Leonard Cheshire Eotyrannus
44 Dorchester Jewellers Ammonite
45 Gesso Belemnite
46 Double D Computers Brittle Star Fossil
47 DOMVS Fossilised Lobster
48 Dorchester Beauty Therapy Ichthyosaur
49 Aspects Crinoid
50 Fox & Sons Phodonyx Spenceri
51 Mystique Common Cotton-Grass
52 Hi Ho Silver Field Grasshopper
53 Frederick Mabb Grayling
54 Autobitz Green hairstreak
55 County Butchers Green Veined White
56 Moorlands Harebell
57 Dinosaur Museum hjawthorn Berries
58 Saltrock Hedgehog
59  Julia’s House Himalayan Balsam
60 Simon’s Delicatessan Iuganodon
61 Harmony Music Small Copper
62 Blundell Shoes Lesser stag beetle
63 Shoetrees kanpweed
64 Owen & Simpson Old Harry Rocks
65 Melbury Gallery West Bay
66 Pic Nick Durdle Door
67 Fusion Lighting Lulworth Cove
68 TIC Lyme Regis
69 Multivolt Man O war Bay
70 The Keep Chesil Beach
71 Potters Café Kimmeridge
72 Babybirds Green Lacewing
73 Londis Ladies Tresses Orchid
74 Medusa large Skipper Butterfly
75 Steve Bane Bearded Lichen
76 Boots Opticians Common Lizard
77 RSPCA Slow Worm
78 The Fridge Meadow Brown
79 Walnut Grove Five Spot Moth
80 The Mews Hummingbird Hawk Moth
81 Trespass- House Mouse
82 Salvation Army Marbled White Butterfly
83 Top o’Town Barbers Mullein
84 Re Loved Old Mans Beard
85 Panasonic Store Common Spotted Orchid
86 Oxfam(Bookshop) Green Winged Orchid
87 Tutankhamun Painted Lady
88 Stems Parasol Mushroom
89 Teddy Bear Museum Stinking Iris
90 Vivo Lounge Plataleorhynchus
91 County Shoes Purple Loosetrife
92 Thomson Travel Agents Ringlet Butterfly
93 Cat Protection Roast Beef Plant
94 Dorchester Angling Rock Samphire
95  Thos. J William Roe Deer Fawn
96 Geniyus Scabious
97 Quayside Leather Scelidosaurus
98 Majestic Wine Sea Cabbage
99 Morris and Banham Sea Campion
100 Khaleesi Hair Sea Heath
101 The Old Tea Room Sea Lavender
102 Jackson Stopps Silver washed Fritillary
103 Jordans Silver Studded blue
104 Mirari Sloes
105 Beds r Uzzz Small blue
106 Toymaster Small Skipper
107 Crystals Small Tortoiseshell
108 Steamer Trading Roman Snail
109 The Pantry Sepckled Wood
110 Jesters Crab Spider
111 Planet Games Tamarisk
112 Waitrose Sweet Chestnut
113 Top End Deli Vipers Bugloss
114 Kwik Fit Common Wasp
115 The Junction Ragged Robin Flower
116 Age UK Foxglove
117 Stolen From Susie Harebell
118 The Odeon Wood Mouse
119 Intersport Yellow Horned Poppy
120 Echo Yellow Toadflax

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