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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010


Dorchester Recycling
Dorchester Recycling

From next month Dorchester BID, working with West Dorset District Council, will be offering businesses a 30% discount off normal card and paper recycling prices.

For businesses who don’t already recycle, there are substantial savings to be had if they are currently sending business paper and cardboard to landfill.

The cost of emptying a 1100 litre trade refuse container is £12.56, but a recycling container is only £6.60 which is a saving of 47% per collection. On top of this there is also the discount on offer through Dorchester BID.

Robert Gould, Leader of West Dorset District Council, said:

“DBID and West Dorset District Council are delighted to be able to help businesses save money and be greener.

I would like to thank businesses who have already chosen to help the environment by using our recycling services and I would urge other local businesses to start saving money and recycle.”

The maximum discount offered by DBID during 2010/11 is £100 and £150 for a full year during 2011/12. This is to ensure as many businesses as possible can benefit from the funding available for this scheme.

Phil Gordon, DBID Project Director said:

“The BID is very pleased to be partnering with West Dorset District Council on another project and this is a real winner for any BID business that generates a sizeable amount of waste cardboard. Use the scheme, save your business money and do the planet a favour too.”

A total of 345 tonnes of waste paper and cardboard was recycled by businesses last year (April 2009-March 2010) and 239 tonnes was recycled the year before (April 2008-March 2009).

Anyone who would like more information about business recycling services should contact Dave Levi, Recycling Promotions Officer on 01305 252402 or Phil Gordon at Dorchester BID on 01305 257231.

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