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Local Schoolchildren Get Stuck in to Chewing Gum Problem

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011
Sunninghill children share their anti-gum message
Sunninghill children share their anti-gum message

Dorchester schoolchildren have been taking the lead in keeping the town’s arcades clean and pleasant for shoppers. They took to the streets last week to highlight the issue of chewing gum being dropped in the town centre.

We all know how unsightly a gum covered street can be, not to mention annoying when you get a piece stuck to your shoe! So it was cheering to see local children taking action to raise awareness of this nuisance. The Sunninghill pupils took over Hardye Arcade armed with pieces of coloured chalk, and spent the afternoon circling and doodling around all the pieces of chewing gum littered across the arcade.

The kids’ imaginations were allowed to run wild, and by the end of the day’s work there was a wonderfully decorated arcade, accompanied by a colourful, eye-catching plea to not drop chewing gum on the street.

Nearby business owners wholeheartedly supported the kids’ efforts, agreeing that a clean, attractive town would be more welcoming to visitors and would improve business.

After the kids had done their bit, the professional gumbusters moved in. They spent all day Sunday deep cleaning the arcade with their heavy duty cleaning equipment, and by Monday the street was completely gum-free and unblemished.

Our thanks go to the children of Sunninghill Preparatory school for their fantastic creativity and hard work, and to the professional cleaners who left Hardye Arcade looking spotless at the weekend. We all hope it stays that way over the coming months.

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