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Damage & Theft of BID property funded by Dorchester businesses

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

In the last few weeks DBID funded Hanging baskets have been stolen and stickers identifying projects funded by DBID have been removed from BID funded hardware.

Keir Francis Chairman of DBID stated “The Dorchester BID has been proud to be a co-sponsor of the very successful project (organised by Alistair Chisholm, David Taylor and their helpers) to put flags down the High Street.

The BID’s part was to pay for the supply and installation of the flag holders. Naturally wishing the part played by BID levy payers in funding this important bit of infrastructure to be recognised they included discrete BID stickers to the holders with the agreement of the Planning authority. The holders will have a life of at least 10 years and it is important for the BID’s legacy and the chance of a successful re-ballot next spring for its part in this project to be acknowledged.

Imagine then our surprise to see that a number of these stickers have been removed from BID property. It is hard to imagine how this was done since they are all well above head height and we are asking all BID levy payers and members of the public to be vigilant on our behalf on watching for anyone interfering with BID property in this way. If you have seen anything or do see anything to the black wall brackets or hanging baskets please let us know at the BID office as we are currently considering what action legal or otherwise needs to be taken.

The stickers are tamper resistant and leave a layer of adhesive behind on the flagpole which in some cases is damaging the flags when they rub against it so the sooner the community is able to help us to stop this from happening the more chance there is of the flags lasting all season as intended.”

“It’s absolutely critical that there is some visual acknowledgment of the projects that the DBID is involved in – it is only fair to give full credit to the businesses of Dorchester who fund the BID itself. I am quite frankly baffled as to why anyone would do this as it seems a pointless and vindictive act effectively stealing the chance for the businesses to get any kind of recognition of their contribution” commented Phil Gordon Project Director DBID.

BID Office number 01305 257231

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