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Dippy is Proving to be a ‘HUGE’ Success

Friday, March 9th, 2018

Dippy arrived safely in Dorchester on the 3rd February and after the grand construction he was officially opened to the public on the 10th February. Dorset County Museum in Dorchester is the 292-piece replica Diplodocus’ first stop of the UK tour and he will remain in town before leaving on the 7th May.

Local residents and visitors from across Dorset took little time to go and see the impressive 21.3 metres long and 4.25 metres high diplodocus cast set in the Victorian Hall of the museum. With tickets selling out extremely quickly upon his arrival, the museum had to double ticket availability to meet demand and this is great news for Dorchester as not only are local residents rushing to see Dippy but people from the surrounding areas too. Dinosaur prints have been placed in and around town, leading to Dippy’s temporary place of residence which not only guides visitors to their destination but also exposes them to our towns great shops.

We were lucky enough to get tickets to see Dippy and it was a truly terrific experience. To be able to witness the magnificent scale of an ancient dinosaur that lived around 145 million – 156 million years ago is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The Dorset County Museum seemingly houses the Dinosaur perfectly in its Victorian Hall with the 1st floor balcony providing the ideal height to look the structure in its eyes and take the perfect selfie.

Seeing as Dippy is extremely old and this is the first time he has left The National History Museum in London since 1905, the museum does not encourage a hands on approach. For those who wish to get hands on, there is however a light weight replica skull available to pick up and touch for an interactive experience.

Entry to see Dippy and the temporary exhibition is free but you will need to book a slot (60 minute slots are available).

Entry to the whole of the museum will be subject to regular charge.

Use the following link to book your date and time to see Dippy for yourself.

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