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Thursday, September 10th, 2009
Dorchester Dorset Website
Dorchester Dorset Website

In November last year the DBID company launched a new website for residents and visitors to Dorchester. offers a rapidly growing directory of businesses, services, shops, attractions and local events. With over 150 entries and a constant stream of new events being added to the what’s on in Dorchester section.

In a UK first, DBID’s innovative site is now offering a product/service locator and it’s FREE to use. The idea is simple; Most things we can get in town already, but there may be some items that we need regularly but seem to have to travel many miles to another town to find them. To save time and frustration not to mention money on fuel, why not see if someone else knows where to get it locally. The aim is to help cut down unnecessary travelling and so reduce your carbon footprint.

Phil Gordon,  project Director of DBID said ”Over our first year we have been trying very hard to do things that would be a benefit to the local community as well as help boost businesses in town and I think this new innovation is a real winner! I would urge anyone with a business in Dorchester that has not already done so, to register on our website, tell us what you offer and grab your share of the enquiries that our site is generating. This Dorchester business directory is really starting to make a difference to those who are using it, why not give it a try?”

Dorchester Business Search Tool
Dorchester Business Search Tool

The site invites you to search for what ever you’re trying to find whether it is shoes, a solicitor, a wetsuit or eating out in Dorchester. The neat little search engine will give you a list of shops or other businesses and then take you to their page in the directory. Their page has a location map, contact details, a photo and shows their nearest car park!

Now, here is the really clever bit: If you type in your request (keep it legal and decent!) using the free text search box, if it fails to come up with any results then the DBID will try and find someone in town that does sell what you are looking for or failing that, endeavour to pursued someone to start selling the item if its not too obscure!

Another useful spin off from this initiative is that the Dorchester BID company will collect the list of unfound items and make it available to businesses in town encouraging them to see which items might fit in with their current lines.

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