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Friday, October 2nd, 2009
Dorchester Parking - Keeping one eye on the clock!
Dorchester Parking – Keeping one eye on the clock!

The debate about parking in Dorchester is hotting up with lots of businesses and local residents airing their views and making the feelings felt.

The local newspapers like The Echo and Western Gazzete have been running the story for some time now and Robert Gould, Leader of the West Dorset District Council has also been quick to respond on his newly launched blog.

We are keen to ensure that parking in the town works well and ultimately benefits our town and local businesses, so we would love to hear your comments and views on this particular subject.

The single largest complaint I get from businesses all over town is that they have lost ££££’s of businesses over the years through people having to rush off to return to their pay and display ticket, never to come back!

There are already several ideas being discussed including trialling a “Pay for your Parking by Mobile Phone” – something that is already working well in Bournemouth town centre, but there are also other great examples being used around the country.

Let us hear your comments. If you would like to share your views  – do let us know in the comment box below.

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