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Pay by Phone Parking Scheme

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

The launch of Dorchester’s Pay by Phone Parking Scheme is well underway but we managed to get our award-winning town crier, Alistair Chisholm to help ring the changes in.

With his on inevitable style Alistair stopped traffic in the Top-of-Town Car Park to cry about the new Parking Scheme.

Phil Gordon was on hand to cover the event and capture it on film . . .

Dorchester Pay by Phone Parking Cry

Here’s a transcript of Alistair’s cry:-

  • Dorchester’s a slow town – we’ve time for people here,
  • If you’re visiting, you’re welcome – come join us, share a beer.
  • There’s much to see and more to do than many people think
  • With Roman bits and Princely bits and Hardy’s river brink.
  • Indoors and outdoors, up the hill and down,
  • Make the most of Dorchester, fare well in our county town.
  • Dorchester’s a slow town – we’ve time for people here
  • So much to see so much to do; and parking’s not a fear.
  • Just pay by phone and worry not about how long you stay,
  • For if you need more parking time, we’ll text you right away!
  • And just by phone you’ll buy more time – no parking worries here,
  • Technology’s won through again, why don’t you have that beer?
  • Extend your stay throughout the day as often as you like,
  • Make the most of Dorchester – maybe next time stay the night!

Pay by Phone Parking in Dorchester

The new technology means that shopping in Dorchester couldn’t be easier. Before parking up, drivers using the scheme can call a local number, type a four-digit number, select how long to park and then leave their car.

There is no longer a need to clock watch as motorists will later be sent a text message asking them if they wish to top up their parking just before their time is due to expire.

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