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Dorchester Supersleuth Competition 2021 – The Winners!

Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

Thank you to everyone who entered the Dorchester Supersleuth competition this year. It was one of the most popular we’ve ever had and we know so many of you enjoyed taking part. Congratulations to the winners of Dorchester Supersleuth 2021!

dorchester supersleuth winners 2021

About Dorchester Supersleuth 2021

After an absence in 2020, Dorchester’s Supersleuth competition was back and open once again for participants this summer. Its always a lot of fun and engaging for children (from 10 and under and 11-16’s).

The competition encourages exploration of the whole town and all its smaller backstreets. Along with their parents/grandparents, entrants hunt down clues and collect stickers for their ‘mission report’.

This year, the aim was to collect as many Olympic competitors country flags as possible and then determine which country the flag represents.

Phil Gordon, Dorchester BID Project Director said:

“It’s a footfall generating project. Even shops far ‘off the beaten track’ get a stream of visitors. This gives every business the chance to engage with potential customers of the future and make their visitors feel welcome and more aware of what they offer.

This year, the Supersleuth competition has broken all records with over 600 participating children, 135 completed entries and 61 with 100% correct answers. Some shops handed out more than 400 stickers, and we had to reprint a further 250 mission albums as the first 500 went in a flash!

As always the feedback from parents, grandparents, businesses and children was wonderful. We had lovely comments of time enjoyed in Dorchester, excited motivated kids collecting flag stickers and learning the different countries that are represented by the flags.”

The Winners Presentation

Neil Strudwick of Goldcrest Jewellers (and voluntary DBID Chair) presented the certificates and prizes to the Dorchester Supersleuth winners 2021.

This year’s Supersleuth winners are as follows:

11 and Over:

1st: Henry Cooper, Age 12 (collected by grandmother)
2nd: Edward Fagiolo, Age 11 (collected by grandmother)
3rd: Lucy White, Age 13

10 and Under:

1st: Luna Thomas, Age 7
2nd: Holly Lawes, Age 4
3rd: Evie Iris Hewish, Age 7

Here’s what some of the participants thought about the challenge:

“When I visited my granny and grandad in the summer, we were walking around the town and I saw some children with cards – they told me it was a flag hunting challenge. I decided to participate because on my bedroom wall I’ve got a map with all the flags underneath and I like learning them.

I loved walking around the town with my granny finding flags. The last ones were pretty difficult to find. It was so lovely collecting the last flag in Colliton Street, it really was the most difficult.

The Discover Dorchester App is really useful because you can find museums, restaurants, car parks, play areas etc. It shows where defibrillators are located and I think that’s really useful if someone is in need.

I’m looking forward to the following challenge next year.” – Edward (Dorchester Supersleuther)

“I really liked chatting to all the shopkeepers they were really friendly and some of them gave me sweets! I loved the excuse to go in all the charity shops.” – Henry (Dorchester Supersleuther)

Prize vouchers and VIP museum tour

  • Vouchers for £80, £50 and £25 to spend in a shop of choice in Dorchester for the winners.
  • A short VIP tour (with guests) of ‘Elmer and friends’ – The colourful world of David McKee. The wonderful exhibition currently being held at Dorset Museum.

This time we’ve ensured that very child that entered a mission report will get a reward for their efforts.

We were delighted to present the 6 prizes to our successful Supersleuth’ers at 11am in the atrium of Dorset Museum during half term on 26th October 2021. See you again next year for more supersleuthing in Dorchester?

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