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Great Dinosaur Egg Hunt this Easter

Thursday, April 13th, 2017

Dinosaur Egg HuntOh No! Someone has mixed up all the eggs in the Dinosaur Museum! This Easter help match the dinosaur eggs to their parents and get a great dino prize. The Great Dinosaur Egg Hunt is happening every day of the Easter holidays right through until May Bank Holiday Monday 1st May. It’s great fun for the kids and families whatever the weather.

“Also, there is the fantastic opportunity to get up close to, and interact with the Dinosaur Museum’s new T rex head and take part in our #DinoSelfie competition,” said Tim Batty the museum’s curator. “Take your best selfie in the museum with the amazing new T rex dinosaur head and share it with us on social media to be in with a chance of winning a giant 80cm Suki plush Stegosaurus worth £50!”

“This is the perfect opportunity to take a photo of yourself rubbing noses with a T rex. New research has just revealed that Tyrannosaurus had a softer side and that their noses were as sensitive as our fingertips. T rex would have used its snout to rub against that of its mate in courtship, as well as for helping in nest building, and picking up delicate eggs. This new theory has come from research into the discovery of a new tyrannosaur species – Daspletosaurus horneri – in Montana, USA This species of Daspletosaurus has been named after Jack Horner the famous American palaeontologist on whom the lead character in the film ‘Jurassic Park’ was based”

The original and award winning Dinosaur Museum’s Great Dinosaur Egg Hunt takes on an exciting new form this Easter, as kids search for the brightly coloured eggs around the museum and match them with their dinosaur parents. There are dino prizes to be won for all those who take part. Go to for more info. The Dinosaur Museum is open daily from 10am to 5pm.

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