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Wednesday, September 7th, 2011
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Great news for those of you who live in Weymouth and work in Dorchester – there’s now a fantastic new way to save money on petrol and parking in your daily commute.

For just £1.50 a day, you can leave your car in the Mount Pleasant park and ride site and hop on the bus to Dorchester in the morning, before catching the bus back to the site at the end of the day.

Mount Pleasant Park and Ride
Mount Pleasant Park and Ride

Payment couldn’t be simpler. You buy a two-part ticket from a machine on site, displaying one half in your car and using the other half for the bus journey there and back.

Starting at 7.10am, buses will leave Mount Pleasant at regular intervals, stopping at Trinity Street and Top o’ Town in Dorchester before returning to the park and ride site. The last bus back to Weymouth departs from Trinity Street at 6.07pm.

It’s a short, leisurely trip, with journey times averaging about 20 minutes depending on traffic conditions. The safety of your car will be ensured by CCTV at Mount Pleasant, and there will also be a sheltered waiting area and toilets for your comfort and convenience.

We strongly recommend you try it for a week, and see what you think! As well as the huge savings you make on petrol and car parking costs, you will also have the satisfaction of knowing you are doing your bit to lower carbon emissions and protect the environment!

For commuters who make the trip from Weymouth to Dorchester every day, the financial rewards of using the park and ride could be considerable. Typical commuters could save themselves between £1200 and £1800 a year – wow!

And it’s not only commuters who can benefit – it’s also a great option for shoppers and day-trippers coming from Weymouth, and it’s also pretty handy for Dorchester Hospital if you use the Top o’ Town stop.

You can find all the times and details for the park and ride here. Why not give it a try this week, and help us spread the word about this fantastic opportunity for saving money on your daily commute and reducing parking congestion in Dorchester town centre.

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