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Peter Legg

Friday, October 11th, 2013
BID Chairman Peter Legg

It is with deep sadness and regret that I have to report the passing of one of Dorchester’s’ finest. Peter Legg stepped up to the plate and took over the chairmanship of the Dorchester BID last year before helping to guide the organisation through to a successful re-ballot in June this year.

Peter was Dorset through and through and one of the most dedicated, honest, hard working and straight forward people I have ever met- it was a privilege to have worked with him. He cared so much about Dorchester, its people and its businesses that when given the opportunity to get involved and lead the BID, he did so with characteristic flare, verve and enthusiasm wanting only to do what would be best for the town and its businesses.

He was highly regarded and respected in Dorchester amongst the business community, and many of the people he met through working in and around Dorchester also became good friends for life – He was such a likeable character is it any wonder?

Peter was born in Weymouth to a Dorset family and worked at Arthur Savage Insurance for over 40 years in Dorchester. He moved to Dorchester 38 years ago when he married Alison, a Dorchester girl. He qualified as an Insurance Broker in 1976 and since that time had devoted his talents to both local and national clients. He always felt that Dorchester was a wonderful town and had so much to offer both local residents and visitors.

He believed the town had weathered the recession storm fairly well but that the BID has had a lot to do with its current thriving status. In his own words “My firm thought that the idea of a BID was just what the town needed when it was first set up and since that time it has achieved a great deal. This is, I feel, just the start. We can and will do much more for the local business community in the coming years”.

Peter went on to make a very positive impact during his time as chairman of the DBID and helped steer it through some very challenging times.  All of us involved with the BID in Dorchester feel his loss greatly. I will miss his friendship, his wise words (and his special brand of humour), but we are all determined to make sure that we continue to improve and develop our support to the town’s business and make him prouder still of what the DBID achieves in the future.

Our deepest sympathies and thoughts go to his family especially his wife Alison and daughter Zoe.

Phil Gordon
Director of Projects
Dorchester BID

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