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Rise in Postal Costs – Bad News for eBay, Great News for the High Street?

Friday, April 13th, 2012

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The impending astronomic rise in the cost of postage may well cause a slowdown in the growth of Internet shopping, but at the same time it could provide a well-timed boost to a the high street!

Some shops have suffered greatly over the last few years at the hands of the internet due to being undercut on low and medium priced items, especially the ‘regular essentials’ but an interesting side effect of this otherwise unwelcome postal price hike is that some of these items will no longer be cheaper online due to the effect of adding the postage! In some cases the postage will now actually be twice the cost of the item purchased!

So, maybe we have an opportunity as businesses in town, to regain the initiative and increase sales of some items that had become the domain of the on-line shop? Lets shout about it and spread the word when we hear of a great deal in town – After all, there will always be more pleasure in physically ‘going shopping’ browsing the high street and in the process, discovering how much Dorchester has to offer from our fabulous range of independent shops as well as the more common high street brands. Happy Shopping!

By Phil Gordon, Project Director DBID

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