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Waterstones Book Signing by Blind Traveller Tony Giles

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

On 27th October, Waterstones in Dorchester will be hosting a book signing by an author with a truly incredible story. Tony Giles is a Teignmouth resident who has visited all 7 continents and travelled through over 60 countries, which would be amazing enough story alone but for the fact that Tony is no ordinary traveller. He is also blind and severely deaf.

In his book, Seeing The World My Way, Tony talks about his globe-trotting experiences, overcoming his disabilities, and generally living life to the full. In the course of his adventures, Tony did everything from bungee jumping in New Zealand to late night partying in New Orleans, and all of these stories are told in a frank, honest and exciting way in the book.

Tony was born in 1978 and at a young age was diagnosed with a rare eye condition called Cone Dystrophy. By the age of 18 he had lost his sight entirely apart from the ability to register bright sunlight. Aged just 6, he also developed nerve sensory hearing loss, a condition which got progressively worse over time.

Determined not to let these conditions obstruct him from leading the kind of life he wanted, Tony gained a Masters degree from Birmingham University. After doing some travel risk management planning he set off on his journeys around the world, travelling mostly alone and making friends wherever he went.

Now back in the UK promoting his book (and preparing to write a follow-up), Tony will be signing copies and answering questions in Waterstones in South Street from 12pm-2pm on the 27th. Catch him while you can, because no doubt he will soon be jetting off to continue his adventures in some new exotic part of the world!

You can pick up a copy of Tony Giles – Seeing The World My Way from Waterstones, priced £8.99. A Braille Edition is also in the works, and will be available soon!

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