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The Sugar Shack: NEW Sweet Shop

Friday, November 3rd, 2023

With a passion for sweets and a mission to bring back the nostalgic joy of traditional sweet shops, The Sugar Shack is a must-visit for anyone looking for a sweet treat in Dorchester.


Traditional Sweet Shop in Dorchester

The Sugar Shack first opened its doors in September, which was a dream come true for the owner, Luke. Luke embarked on a new career path to fulfil his dream of owning a traditional sweet shop, believing that Dorchester, as the historic county town of Dorset, would benefit from such a delightful addition.



The inspiration behind this sweet venture is the owner’s deep love for sweets, especially the traditional boiled sweets and pick-and-mix varieties. Luke realised that in Dorchester, the options for sweets and chocolates were limited to small selections in local supermarkets. This lack of options inspired Luke to create a charming traditional sweet shop in Dorchester with over 230 different types of sweets for people to choose from!



When asked what was the best thing about running The Sugar Shack, Luke said that the most enjoyable aspect is the opportunity to meet and interact with customers. Regular customers often stop by for a chat, and it’s heartwarming to see children getting excited about our diverse selection of sweets. It’s also satisfying to hear people say that this shop is just what Dorchester needs. The Sugar Shack evokes a sense of nostalgia with many customers who reminisce about their childhood favourites and the experience of visiting a sweet shop in Dorchester.

Sweet Treats, Gifts and More

The Sugar Shack in Dorchester works with two reputable suppliers to source a wide variety of sweets – from pink mice, liquorice, fudge, humbugs, lemon sherbets, lollies, to even American sweets! The Sugar Shack in Dorchester also offers seasonal selections of sweets and gift boxes – especially around Christmas and Halloween, which make the perfect present for anyone with a sweet tooth. What’s more, The Sugar Shack even has a wide range of sugar-free sweets, vegetarian and vegan sweets meaning that there truly is a sweet treat for everyone to enjoy!



For those looking for something a bit different, Luke recommends trying Ironbrew Humbugs. These unusual sweets have a refreshing flavour that surprises many, even those who may not typically enjoy Ironbrew. The shop also offers plenty of quirky options like Aniseed balls, chicken feet gummies, and Bon Bons sweets always prove to be hugely popular – especially among kids!

Visit The Sugar Shack

This traditional sweet shop in Dorchester is a testament to the enduring appeal of old-fashioned sweets and the joy they bring to people of all ages. With a vast selection of traditional and unusual treats, The Sugar Shack is certainly a must-visit sweet shop in Dorchester where old sweet memories are remembered and new ones are created! Whether you’re reliving the past or discovering a new favourite treat, The Sugar Shack in Dorchester has something for every sweet tooth.


You will find The Sugar Shack down Trinity House, which is just off Trinity Street – so be sure to pop in and treat yourself to something sweet next time you’re in Dorchester.

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