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Mina’s Deli

Friday, July 28th, 2023

Authentic Italian Delicatessen in Dorchester

This month we shine our Small Business Spotlight on Mina’s Deli. Charismatic owner Dana Kareem heads up the authentic Italian deli, which is situated at the bottom of Hardye Arcade, Dorchester. After working with Italian food for over 25 years, Dana decided to bring a taste of Italy to Dorchester – naming the deli after his daughter, Mina.

Upon arrival we quickly realised why Mina’s is so popular with the locals. Dana breathes life and authenticity into the business – making Mina’s the place to go for quality Italian food in Dorchester. Whether you pop in for an Italian coffee, delicious cannoli, fresh meat platter or ingredients for your next lasagne – you are sure to have a friendly chat and a shopping experience you might only expect down a side street in Naples.

Mina’s is the perfect example of why our town is so special: an independent business sharing their passion and bringing culture to the community. From just spending an hour watching Dana work, it is clear that this passion and enthusiasm is reciprocated by the people of Dorchester.

mina's deli dorchester

A little taste of Italy

In between busy periods of serving coffees and cannolis to customers, we asked Dana a couple of questions about Mina’s:

For anyone who hasn’t visited – what does Mina’s Deli sell?

We sell specialist, authentic Italian products. For a small shop we have a lot: meat, cheese, antipasto, pasta, chocolate, flour, herbs, rice – you name it.

When and how did the business start?

I’ve been in this business for quite a long time. Before I was in London, but in October it will have been two years since I opened in Dorchester.

mina's deli dorchester

What makes you love Italian food?

Each Italian each region has a different spice, so they’re very rich when it comes to the taste and flavour. It’s not very hard to make and it’s delicious. It’s easy and doesn’t take too much time. So, I’ve always had a love for that!

Where can people find you?

Our shop is down the bottom of Hardye Arcade opposite the library. Also, we have Facebook and Instagram pages as well!


mina's deli dorchester



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Why you should visit Mina’s Deli

Mina’s Deli supplies so many kinds of products that there really is no ‘one reason’ to visit – but many. Firstly, their coffee is out of this world. From Italian supplier Kimbo, Dana’s Espressos are best paired with a Cannoli (Lemon is a favourite of ours). Mina’s are well known for their fresh meat and cheese platters. Maybe you’re looking to make your date night a bit special or hosting a party. The truth is, you really need no excuse to indulge, with platters starting at only £20. There are so many Italian cheeses, antipastos, salamis, olives and more to select from when building your authentic platter. The deli also supplies a range of cupboard essentials, such as olive oil, rice, pasta and much more, and stocks some seasonal favourites around Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day.

From coffee to tasty pastries, fresh cheeses to meats cupboard fillers and recipe recommendations – if you are looking for great Italian food in Dorchester, then look no further!


SHOP | You can find Mina’s at the bottom of Hardye Arcade in Dorchester, DT1

VISIT | Mina’s are open from 8am – 6pm Monday to Saturday, and 10am – 4pm on Sundays

CALL | Give friendly owner Dana a call for any requests or information

SOCIALS | Follow Mina’s on Facebook and Instagram

mina's deli dorchester outside

Mina’s Deli menu and prices

Here is an example of the selection of fresh meats, cheeses and hot drinks at Mina’s. Products and prices are subject to change.

mina's deli dorchester menu prices

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