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Armour & Embarkation 2022 – In Pictures

Thursday, June 23rd, 2022

Dorchester had an amazing turnout and atmosphere for Armour & Embarkation 2022 at the weekend. A convoy of over 65 WW2 military vehicles made their way through the town to a fantastic reception from the enthusiastic crowds who lined the streets to be part of the very special occasion.

The event was organised to turn back the clock 78 years and act as a reminder to remind people what happened during the build-up of allied forces around Dorchester ahead in 1944.

As a tribute, we’ve compiled this gallery of photos from the day so that it can be remembered for a very long time to come…

About Armour & Embarkation 2022

Armour & Embarkation is an impressive convoy of WW2 vehicles which went through Dorchester via High East Street and then headed towards Weymouth Avenue outside Brewery Square. From here, the public could spend time taking a closer look at the vehicles as well as chat to the owners and crew members.

The event offers a salute and a bow of respect to our forefathers and to remind people what happened in Dorchester 78 years ago in he build-up to D-Day in June 1944.

The convoy heads through Church Street, Dorchester – Photos: Sarah Stockham

Phenomenal crowds in Dorchester

The crowds in Dorchester for Armour & Embarkation 2022 were simply phenomenal, with estimates of between 5000-6000 people in Dorchester town centre alone. When the convoy eventually returned to D5 basecamp in Broadmayne, the village community was there to greet  – Just such a lovely atmosphere.

Phil Gordon, Project Director of Dorchester BID commented:

“Its was a very long two days but just WOW! On Saturday the 18th June, Dorchester and its community did A&E 2022 proud and made EVERYONE in the convoy feel really welcome and appreciated. I think many will come back as visitors and tourists too!

The crowds today in Dorchester were simply phenomenal! I know some businesses had a bumper day but so nice to see so many enjoying themselves in town. Dorchester BID sponsored the event and helped in a few ways to assist Jack and his team leading up to and, with our Ambassadors, on the day

Congratulations to Jack Beckett and his team who made this happen. A big thank you to Dorset Council and especially Highways and the sign shop whose personnel helped make this amazing event possible and helped to work with us to find a way to make it affordable to put on. Everyone who assisted from Dorset Council had a refreshingly positive ‘can do attitude’. Also thanks to Dorset Police for great help support and positive approach on the day.

I really hope you all managed to be there but if you didn’t, Social media streams on Facebook, twitter Instagram and others are all full of wonderful scenes and photos.”

The historic convoy heads to Weymouth Avenue, Dorchester – Photos: Phil Gordon

Supported by Dorchester BID

Dorchester BID Ambassadors were brilliant in supporting the event. One such Ambassador, Franz who even spent some of his own time in the morning singing 40’s songs in South Street and alerting people to the big event in the afternoon at the same time! He had this to say:

“What a great event to be a small part of. It was a memorable occasion for the town and a credit to all who helped to plan, organise and pull off such an experience. It’s hard to put into words everything that contributed to a fantastic day. The number of people who turned up to watch the convoy, the number of vehicles and reenactors in the convoy, the Decadettes performances. I could go on … There was nothing but praise from everyone that we spoke with.

We should all be proud of our town and the role the Ambassadors play in helping to promote Dorchester. It was simply a great ‘feel good’ event. We often report on ‘issues’ that arise during ambassador shifts, but on this occasion a simple ‘well done’ sums up the feeling of all who planned, supported or attended this event. It was a great advert for what the BID can do for the town.

Hopefully many businesses will have benefitted from the increase in footfall. The pubs and cafes on Brewery Square certainly seemed to be doing a roaring trade. Two Police Officers on duty and not one issue to deal with was their reporting as the convoy left the town”.

Convoy to Broadmayne 1st school and then to Bovington Museum – Photos: Phil Gordon

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