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Bringing Back the Memories of Fordington

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

You may remember a couple of months back on the blog we interviewed David Forrester, author of local history book Fordington Remembered: Growing up in and around Dorchester. Published by Roving Press, the book is part memoir, part local history covering the 1940s and 1950s.

Since the launch at Christmas, over 500 copies of his book have sold, including to locations as far afield as Australia, South Africa and America. Following the success of his book, David has now embarked on a project with the Mill Street Housing Society to record the memories of people who lived in the Fordington area and would like to share their stories.

David wants anyone with recollections of Fordington and Mill Street to get in touch with him (phone number 01305 250882), so this valuable social history can be written down before it is lost forever.

David has already had many fascinating surprises since the publication of his book: ‘I’ve received so many calls and emails – some from old friends not seen for 60 years, others from complete strangers who’ve enjoyed the book and the memories it has brought back.’

‘Ladies in their 80s and 90s have told me of their own recollections of Fordington and Mill Street early in the last century – living in a two-room terraced house with six children all sharing one bedroom with mum and dad, facilities being one outside tap and toilet shared between three cottages. Or of being one of 16 children including three sets of twins living in a small house in Mill Street.’

‘How glad I am to be able to get to these people and stir their memories, dig into the past and pass on these facts of a life so different from today.’

Fordington Remembered is on sale in Dorchester bookshops and available direct from Roving Press (tel 01300 321531,

Article written by Phil Gordon – Dorchester Bid

Just purchased Fordington Remembered for my mum, she is one of the sixteen living in Mill Street, the Basket family. They moved from Mill Street to Hardy Avenue after mum was born she has told me. She was Hilda Mary number four in the line. She is now 81 and both her and Dad absolutely loved the book. Are you planning on doing another hope so.

Thanks for a great feature. I’ve just Saved it to Facebook and sent a Friends request. We’re new to social media so hope it works!
Best regards
Julie Musk
Editor and Publisher, Roving Press

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