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Win a Champagne Balloon Ride for Two or a Visit to Parliament with Oliver Letwin!

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

This week we’ve got a guest post from The The Dorchester Trust for Counselling and Psychotherapy. They are currently selling tickets for a grand prize draw next month, with some really fantastic prizes for the winners!

If you don’t know much about what the Trust do, have a read of the piece they’ve written for us below. It’s a tremendous cause, so please do help out and buy some tickets if you can (details of how to buy tickets also below).

The Dorchester Trust for Counselling and Psychotherapy

Who are we?

We are a group of counsellors and psychotherapists who believe that people who cannot afford private therapy are entitled to the opportunity of a similar service.  In 2005, we set up a charitable trust to provide on-going help for up to two years to people who live within travelling distance of Dorchester.

Our major source of referral has been from GP counsellors who see clients in the primary care setting for short term perhaps 6 to 8 weeks.  Often the counsellors have been concerned that the time available resulted in just uncovering problems rather than working together to find some resolution to them.

To date we have seen around 130 people.  Problems vary, but long standing depression or anxiety are common factors as are addiction, a disabled family member or coping with an upbringing which included severe loss or abuse.


When someone finishes their sessions we ask for written feedback and we also use a national evaluation system to note change in such factors as risk and their well-being.  We have had permission to publish the following feedback from a number of people.

“V immediately put me at ease, made me feel ‘safe’ and impressed me with her professionalism by knowing my case history.”

“Given the randomness of my physical condition, I was very appreciative of the flexibility of the service …… right from the start I felt a bond of trust, a genuine concern for my well-being and a gentle encouragement to face my issues…”

“I found the sessions immensely helpful; the on-going support, talking through my problems, anxieties and indeed anything on my mind in a safe atmosphere.  This helped me to discover some ways of coping with difficulties I experience in my life”.

“I found the match of myself and my counsellor very good, having had several attempts at counselling with my GP and they were not on the same young-minded wavelength as she”.

“This has been an excellent service for me and I can’t think of any improvements to suggest.  I couldn’t have afforded to pay the market rate for two years of therapy I’ve received via DTCP and I am extremely grateful for your service.  Many, many thanks.”

If you would like to know more about the Trust please refer to the low cost section of our website


Our major source of income is the donations from clients.  We ask for a donation of £10 per session some are able to give more but some who are on benefits pay less.

Our practitioners offer their time freely but the infrastructure of room space, administration and senior input for assessment and mentoring, costs.  We have relied on grants from small local funding organisations such as the South West Foundation and the Dorchester Lions club to bolster our funds but times are tight and local grassroots grants from Central government have ceased.

Can You Help?

We are having a grand draw which will be drawn by the Lord Mayor of Dorchester on 1st October.  Prizes are:

  • A champagne balloon ride for two
  • Tea with one of our patrons, Oliver Letwin, in the Houses of Parliament
  • £100 of retail vouchers

Tickets are on sale at Poundbury Garden Centre at £5 per book. Donations are welcomed by post to 1 Colliton Street, Dorchester, DT1 1XH

Update: Tickets are now also on sale at Double D Computers in Trinity Street. Please help spread the word!

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