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Comic Book Shop Three Legged Llama is a Hit!

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

Since opening its doors in Trinity Street in 2015 Dorchester’s comic book shop Three Legged Llama has gone from strength to strength. The shop specialises in stocking Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, DC comics and collectables. It’s a one stop shop for back issue comic books, graphic novels and related accessories. We caught up with store owner Paul Cartlidge to find out a bit more about his unique, fun and family run independent business.

What is the history behind Three Legged Llama, and what made you want to open up a shop here in Dorchester?

Paul had traded in ceramics and antiques for a few years following his retirement from a senior retail management role and during that time he renewed an interest in comics and all things related.

After successfully selling comics for a short time in Weymouth, the opportunity arose to take on a shop in Dorchester, along with his wife, daughter and son in law. They all felt a comic book shop would fit well in the independent vibe of Dorchester, and was only a short walk from home.

Comic book shop Three Legged Llama
Comic book shop Three Legged Llama on Trinity Street in Dorchester.

Describe Three Legged Llama in 3 words?

Fun, friendly and different.

Tell us a bit more about Three Legged Llama. What can lovers of your products find there?

The shop is an eclectic mix of all sorts of comic related merchandise. However we mainly concentrate on stocking Marvel and DC comics, as well as a wide range of graphic novels, mini figures, key rings, and framed pictures.

Aside from running Three Legged Llama, what are some personal hobbies or local activities that you enjoy?

Paul enjoys his golf and fishing. While Andy and Rose now have a young daughter and a new puppy, so find this takes up much of their time currently. And Sarah is loving being a grandmother.

Three Legged Llama owner Paul Cartlidge
Three Legged Llama owner Paul Cartlidge

What qualities do you look for when ordering in stock for your comic book shop?

We sell a mixture of both new and pre loved items. The majority of our comics and many of our graphic novels are gently used. However the very nature of a collector is that they are well kept and in excellent condition. All our comics are bagged and boarded. We try and stick to fairly mainstream favourites, as this is what our customers love. However are happy to research and special order for individual needs.

Do you have a loyal customer base?

Absolutely, and we love our customers-they can be a quirky bunch! Often whole families of fans come and visit together.

Since opening what items have been the most popular with your customers?

The Mini figures range. Both adults and children alike can have large collections.

Mini figures at Three Legged Llama
Mini figures at Three Legged Llama

If you were a customer in your own shop, what would you buy? 

Comics! The range is fantastic.

Comic book shop Three Legged Llama.
Comic book shop heaven at Three Legged Llama.

What advice would you give to someone who is dreaming of opening their own business in Dorchester?

Give it a go: we have been very well supported by our neighbours in Trinity Street and by Dorchester BID, and really feel part of a community. After just 18 months we were named Dorchester’s Third Favourite Business in the BID awards, which was fantastic.

Find out more about Dorchester’s very own comic book shop on their Facebook page or take at look at what they have for sale online on the Three Legged Llama eBay shop.

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