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Dorchester named one of the happiest places to live

Thursday, December 5th, 2019

Dorchester has made it into the top 10 happiest places to live in the country in a recent survey.

View of south street in dorchester named-one the happiest places to live

Over 22,ooo people participated in Rightmove’s happy at home survey. Findings were based on a number of different questions including sense of community spirit, feeling of safety and friendliness of locals.

The survey also posed questions about local amenities such as sports facilities, arts and culture, restaurants, schools and green spaces.

The top 10 happiest places to live

Dorchester ranked in 8th place in the top 10 happiest places to live in the country. The Northumberland town of Hexham crowned with the top spot in the survey. Here’s the full list, according to Rightmove…

1. Hexham
2. Harrogate
3. Richmond
4. Skipton
5. Llandrindod
6. Altrincham
7. Monmouth
8. Dorchester
9. Sevenoaks
10. Southport

The South West of England was also recognised in the survey as the happiest region in the country.

Rightmove’s insights expert Lydia Yao said:

“This just goes to show that people place enormous value on living somewhere that they’re proud to call home.

“Our results also show that having friendly neighbours and being able to be yourself remain hugely important factors when measuring the happiest places to live in Great Britain.”

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