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Window Wanderland 2022 – Sparking Joy In Dorchester

Monday, February 7th, 2022

Window Wanderland returns to Dorchester on Friday 4th – Sunday 6th March 2022.

The magical walking trail is set to spark joy and light up our streets with beautiful window displays once again. Described by the organisers as ‘A Covid-safe way to connect people, transforming streets into magical outdoor galleries’.

The event runs over the first weekend in March, with the fabulous window illuminations on show from 6:00pm – 9:00pm each day. If you’d like to get involved this year, sign up now for Dorchester Window Wanderland 2022, and make it even more special this year!

window wanderland Dorchester 2022

How to take part in Dorchester Window Wanderland

It is easy to get involved and register your home or business as part of the Dorchester Window Wanderland trail. If you want to make a display, just visit the Window Wanderland website and register for Dorchester. You can also follow, and find inspiration, on the Facebook page – search for Dorchester Window Wanderland.

The event ran in Dorchester for the first time in 2021 and was a huge success. A large part of the community came together, with an impressive number of households and businesses taking part. Providing an uplifting activity for families to get creative and appreciate the work of others.

Kathy O’Borne, volunteer organiser of the event commented:

Last year, over 200 households, schools and businesses helped to create a magical outdoor gallery and lift our spirits during lockdown. This year, with your help, we want to make the event even bigger and better than before. Participating in Window Wanderland is completely free and everyone is welcome.  All you need to do is make a window display.”

window wanderland

Sparking Joy in Dorchester

This year the event theme is “Spark Joy“. This is open to wide interpretation; what excites you and makes you glad to be alive? Kathy O’Borne added:

“Your display can be as simple or complicated as you like and you can use anything you want, from tissue paper to fairy lights to household objects. Don’t feel intimidated- simple can be really effective.

Support from Dorchester Town Council

Once again, Dorchester Town Council are in support of the event and encouraging local businesses to get involved.

Emma Scott, from Dorchester Town Council says:

“The Town Council are thrilled to be supporting this event again. It was a real tonic visiting all the windows last year, and the variation and quality of the displays people put together was truly heart-warming. We really look forward to seeing how people interpret and share what brings them joy.”

About Window Wanderland

Window Wanderland is an award-winning project which provides resources for communities to set up their own magical, illuminated window displays. First created in 2015 in Bristol by Lucy Reeves, a Mum and artist who commented:

Everyone has a playful side to them they just need an opportunity to show it. I wanted to make an event that everyone can participate in and do something different. This brightens up the long winter nights and gives everyone a great excuse to get outdoors. It is a proper community event and some roads had almost every house participating.”

Find out more about Window Wanderland at and on Facebook.

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