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Doggie Wash Opens In Dorchester

Thursday, January 5th, 2023

A new dog washing and grooming business has opened in Napper’s Mite, Dorchester!

Pooches and their owners rejoice as Doggie Wash run the first facility of its kind in the area!

doggie wash dorchester


Located in Napper’s Court, just off South Street, Doggie Wash offers full grooming services, and a self service doggie wash! The self service functionality gives pet owners the option of washing their dogs themselves – a great time and cost effective solution for busy people and something completely new for Dorchester! The appointments for grooming are currently one dog per appointment.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Doggie Wash and ask them a few questions about their dog grooming services in Dorchester:

What is the history behind you and your business?

The idea for Doggie Wash was born at Kasia’s farm, where we tried to figure out a better and easier way of washing farm dog, Buster.
It can be challenging washing a dog at home, especially large breeds, and after much research and consideration, we came up with Doggie Wash. There is nothing quite like this in the area, and it will help the many local dog owners to keep their pooches clean all year round, without the hassle and mess in their own homes.

What washing/grooming services does Doogie Wash offer?

We offer a full grooming service, which includes bath, conditioner, blow dry, haircut, nail clip, ear and eye clean and even doggie friendly perfume! If you’d like just a quick wash for your pooch instead, our self service wash and blow dry is available anytime during opening hours.

How are you finding trading in Dorchester?

We all have lived in the Dorchester area for many years, and having a business here is everything you’d expect from such a lovely, quaint town. We already have regular customers, and all the other businesses in the neighbourhood are always incredibly friendly and helpful.

What sets Doggie Wash apart from other similar businesses in Dorchester and the local area?

We are a small, family run business, and not only are we based right in the town centre, but we also cater towards busy folks, who just want to come in and do a quick wash themselves, but also those, who don’t mind waiting longer and have their pooch groomed head to toe.

Have you any exciting plans for the future?

Still early to answer that question with much detail, but it would be absolutely amazing to see Doggie Wash get so busy, that we’d need to open another one in a different location perhaps.

Where can customers find you in Dorchester?

We are located in the historical Napper’s Mite in Dorchester town centre. There is a large carpark right next door to us too!

Do you have a website/social media pages where people can find out more?

We have a Facebook page and an Instagram page, where we like to show off even more of our customers transformations.


We’re thrilled to have Doggie Wash operating in the town and can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

Freshen up your four-legged friend at Doggie Wash this year!

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