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Dorchester Totally Locally – Fiver Fest is Coming!

Thursday, September 29th, 2022

A small number of volunteers have come together to create a Dorchester Totally Locally Scheme. The initiative aims to promote and support the County Town’s fantastic range of small businesses. It’s the first time ‘Fiver Fest’ is taking place in Dorchester – the more businesses that get involved, the more the town can thrive!

The Totally Locally Dorchester ‘Fiver Fest’ will be running from 8-22 October 2022. Local independent businesses will be offering a range of different £5 offers, discounts and deals.

A successful national event

The national event was thought up by Chris Sands to celebrate the range of independent shops and businesses in the UK and what a big contribution they make to the British economy.

Totally Locally encourages people to help people rethink the place they live. It’s won some impressive awards and received national recognition. To date it has been used in over 100 UK towns and has spread as far as New Zealand, France & Australia.

It’s quirky and fun, but backed with a serious message – use your local shops and businesses and the place you live will be nicer as a result. It really is that simple!

It makes it easy for people to say “I’m going to spend my £5 to support my High Street.” Also it shows that businesses owners appreciate their loyal custom by providing a great offer.

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How to get involved

If you are a local person or business from Dorchester, who wants to join the Totally Locally Dorchester mission, please email

Visit to find out more.

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