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Passiflora Wellbeing – New Shop In Dorchester

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

Passiflora Wellbeing is a charming new Dorchester shop with a contemporary look and feel. A recent addition to Antelope Walk, the inviting shop stocks over 50 different types of houseplants both in store and online. What better way to brighten up your home and boost your mood, than with the addition of these beautiful plants.

Research has shown that indoor plants can aid creativity, reduce stress as well as other health benefits. At a time when many of us are spending more time working from home, this is a great way to give you and your home an extra lift.  

We’re delighted to welcome Passiflora Wellbeing to Dorchester and wish them every success. We asked Emily Pulletz, Co-Founder of the upcoming company, a few questions about the business.

Emily pulletz passiflora wellbeing dorchester

What is the history behind you and your business?

We have been running Passiflora for 18 months, and set up our pop up shop in Dorchester at the end of August 2020. For us, our aim is to create what we believe is the remedy for the modern human experience. To connect people to nature through the plants, and to connect people to themselves through the yoga & meditation classes. 

What made you choose Antelope Walk in Dorchester as a place to open the shop?

Emily Pulletz, one of the founders of Passiflora, is originally from Dorchester and has always loved Antelope Walk. It is a beautiful street filled with independent shops; there is always something interesting to discover. It has its own magic with the lantern style street lamps and the cobbles which really makes you believe there are special things happening there.

How are you finding Dorchester as a place to trade since you opened?

Despite the strange year that the world has had, we are grateful for the support that we have received from the Dorchester community. We hope that our business can help people to rediscover the connection they need in their lives both to themselves and others.

Can you describe Passiflora Wellbeing in 3 words?

Grounded. Connected. Inspired.

passiflora wellbeing

What makes Passiflora Wellbeing different from other shops in Dorchester?

We don’t want to just be a retail outlet, we want to be a wellbeing experience. It brings us joy to have customers to simply be able to walk around the shop, taking in the plants, the smell of the incense, and the feeling of calm. Customer experience is very important to us, and we love to share our space with others.

What are the most popular plants you sell?

We often get in pineapple plants which people absolutely love! The question of whether or not our plants are real is asked on a daily basis (and yes, they are!). There’s something amazing about seeing a pineapple plant that makes you really value the fruit that is sold in supermarkets!

It’s not just plants you sell, can you explain the wellness side of the business?

We have a small studio space upstairs, and in the evenings we host yoga and wellness classes both in the studio and downstairs in the shop. What better way to experience a yoga class than in the jungle! We are very open to any instructors and workshop facilitators who want to use our space to share their knowledge with others. On Sundays the shop is closed for our ‘Self Care Sundays’ where we host workshops during the daytime hours too. All of our events and classes can be found on our website.

Have you any exciting plans for the future?

We really look forward to developing our Self Care Sunday series, and to continue to build the community that is already coming together surrounding Passiflora. We hope that despite all the chaos in the world, that our shop can provide people with some calm.

If you haven’t already visited Passiflora Wellbeing in Dorchester, we strongly recommend that you go and have a look. Find out more, browse online and follow on Facebook and Instagram.

Visit the shop at:

9/10 Antelope Walk

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