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Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

Helping to keep Dorchester beautiful!

A few years ago the Dorchester BID got together with the Dorset Waste Partnership and embarked on a joint project to help keep the streets of our county town clean and tidy but also offering a friendly face and assistance to both businesses and the public whilst they are in town. So was born “The Keeper of the Walks.”

Scott Bailey is the current Keeper of the Walks .


Phil Gordon, DBID project Director comments “I’m delighted to be continuing our partnership with the DWP. I believe the project is a really good example of what can be achieved when BID’s and local authorities work together. We have had a few different people in this role but Scott Bailey (the current Keeper of the walks) is providing an excellent service to Dorchester has captured the hearts of businesses and locals with his care, attention to detail and passion for keeping the town looking good. So much so, that the businesses gave him a special award last year for his dedication and level of service!”

Mike Haines, Operations manager DWP commented “This a great joint project with DBID. It has certainly made an impressive impact in Dorchester town centre. We regularly get good feedback and nice comments from locals and visitors alike.”

New Keeper of the Walks cart

The Dorchester BID have just supplied Scott with a brand new cart with a few extra features suggested by Scott. He says that he loves the new look and it will make his work a lot easier too. You will notice that there is a phone number on the side of the cart, this is the ‘Grime hotline’. It is for people to call to report any grime hot spots or rubbish issues that they have spotted.

Scott Bailey is the Keeper of the Walks

The Dorchester Business Improvement District is funded totally by the town’s business and councils. This is via a small 1% levy on their business rateable values. It is due to go to re-ballot next year.

If Dorchester businesses support the DBID with a YES vote, there will be another 5 years of projects designed to support businesses and promote Dorchester to the world. If the ballot returns a NO vote, then many things will come to an end. These include the keeper of the walks, the popular Town Ambassadors, Christmas lights, subsidies for businesses to help them advertise and train staff. Plus support for town events like the Dorchester Carnival, literary festival, Marathon, Thomas Hardy conference and much more. Lets hope its a YES next year then!!

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